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    “For example, in 1832”

    By 1860 things had completely reversed. Tariffs were at the lowest levels in generations and I have already pointed out how the South had used federal power to override state laws against slavery. Had the South cared about State’s Rights it would have opposed the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott Decision. But it loved both.

    The Civil War had nothing to do with State’s Rights and everything to do with perpetuating slavery. Stop apologizing for that.


    “Eric Yoffie and Avi Weiss”

    I don’t know anything about Eric Yoffie. Rabbi Weiss is a retired orthodox rabbi who continues to defend our interests, most recently by challenging an out of line Congressman from his district on his anti-Semitic lies. The consensus of YWN commenters is that such lies should go unanswered, apparently.


    We ought to give credit where credit is due.
    R’ Avi Weiss of 30 years ago was great. He stood up for Jewish interests and spoke against antisemitism. Something happened where he felt he had to reform Judaism to suit fads and feminist, leftist ideologies. I wish he had stayed normal instead of going off the deep end. It’s never too late for teshuva. I believe he is wholly non-Orthodox and so are his congregants and followers. The only ones who consider them Orthodox are themselves, the Reform and Conservative.


    >Now you are comparing Rabbi Weiss to the anti-Semites Omar and Trump.

    Is there no limit to the extent of your motzi shem ra?<

    you knew exactly what I was doing.

    Enough with this ignorance game.



    @Charlie, how about my comparison with Avi Weiss, Mordechai Levy of the JDO and Moshe Ber Beck of Neturai Karta who are all self serving self righteous publicity hounds who will do anything to get on camera



    >The consensus of YWN commenters is that such lies should go unanswered, apparently.<

    Apparently not, that is why commenters are calling Avi Weiss out on his lies. And challenging the nonsense you keep posting.

    Remember, Avi Weiss has written in the antisemitic Rag, the NY Slimes denigrating the religious nature of Israel. I am sure his articles have been used more than once by radical antisemities on the left and possibly on the extreme right as well.


    Charlie, if he’d accurately call himself Mr. Avi Weiss and stick to defending Jews in the political arena and stay out of the religious arena, virtually no one would find fault or criticize him.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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