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    I’m surprised I haven’t seen a thread about this. Does no one from the CR go there to buy Seforim?


    I used to. But the prices are not that much cheaper than those offered by some major suppliers (i.e. ZBerman, ect.), if they are cheaper at all. To me, its become more of a seforim fair (offering the largest selection of seforim and books) than a SALE. So unless I have something hard to find that I am looking to buy, I don’t bother. Just the thought of the Croos-Bronx is enough to deter me from making the trek.


    Go where?


    Skipped it this year (my sons went) because I knew I’d buy stuff just because I’m there. But it is a lot of fun. My husband, after checking the prices for a new Shas, opted instead to wait till Z Berman has a warehouse sale.


    go to jewishusedbooks.com, its much cheaper!


    But not as much variety, or as much fun to go to (easy if you take the Triboro).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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