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    Just wondering what people feel about the fact that Yeshiva World Radio is streaming music during sefira. Other sites stream the a capella songs which are problematic, but Yeshiva World is playing regular. I know you don’t have to tune in, but I feel that this should not be done by a site representing the finest segment of frum society – Yeshiva World. Please share your thoughts.


    Only some people hold the restrictions of Sefirah during the 1st portion. Many do not, and are allowed to listen to music.


    some ppl listen to music during the ‘1st portion’?!?! what does that mean?


    until lag baomer

    d a

    I think (and I stress, I THINK) that most people, even those that hold the first half, allow music on Chol Hamoed Pesach

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    As we are now between Rosh Chodesh Iyar and Lag Ba’Omer (La’Omer ?), I think that everyone agrees that it is a period of mourning.

    That said, there are those who allow listening to recorded music as long as it’s not live. That is probably a minority among the Yeshiva World crowd. I think that there are 3 levels:

    1) those who listen to any recorded music

    2) those who listen to Accapela

    3) those who don’t listen to any music

    There are some in between levels of people who listen to accapela provided that it is “Dveykus” type songs that are uplifting spiritually but do not lead to dancing or kallus rosh. Perhaps some of these people will even listen to regular recorded music if it is these type of songs.

    d a

    Lag Ba’Omer (La’Omer ?):

    For some reason, on the 33rd day of the Omer, everyone agrees that its Lag BaOmer


    The reason is that Lag La’Omer is more difficult to say.

    d a

    80, I say it every night!!!


    You say “Lag La’Omer” every night?

    I hope you don’t say it with a Brocha.

    d a

    Come on 80! You know what I mean! 🙂


    My rabbi permits l’chatchilah listening even to live music during sefirat haomer, because the only prohibitions mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch are weddings and haircuts. (Why is it that there are lots of weddings this time of year?)


    lol, i never thought abt that- lag ba’omer vs lag la’omer…. either way, can YWN Radio play acapella music as well during sefira?


    d a


    look in halacha (orach chaim 489-1) that there are two opinions whether to say

    “ba-omer’ or “la-omer”. Hence, it is equally correct to say Lag Ba-omer, even if yo usay “la-omer’ the rest of the time. Maybe the reasosn given by d-a are ‘after the fact’ but still interesting.

    d a

    rabbiofberlin, I think what Halachicly Speaking is referring to why the world over calls this day “Lag B’Omer” and not “Lag L’Omer”. When counting Sefira Motzei Shabbos, if you usually say L’Omer, then say L’Omer. If you usually say B’Omer, then say B’Omer.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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