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    ?? ?????? ??? ? – ???? ???? ????? (??? ??? ??)

    ???? ??????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ????? ??????? ?? ???

    Zorah and Eshtaol are two great mountains, and Samson uprooted them and ground one against the other. (Sotah 9B)

    It isn’t according to the simple pshat,rather the 2 angels of those mountains needed improvement and selection by Samson.

    Therefore Samson uprooted them and ground one against the other, as it says ?????? ????? ??????.

    ???? represents the ZACHOR (male element), that punishes with a ????.

    ??????? represents the NEKEIVA (female element)a acronym of ???? ??? -the wife of iniquity.

    So he broke the 2 elements of the two to remove the strength of the ‘male’ and ‘female’ element-and selected the ‘Sparks of Holiness’ from them.


    Michaelc, my you sure are persistent. Apparently you aren’t getting the message. Certain topics and words are not appropriate for a mixed audience, even when they are Divrei Torah.

    Please cease submitting such articles. And if they are deleted do not keep reposting them. They were deleted for a reason and not accidentally. Thank you.


    ?? ?????? ??? ? – ???? ???? ????? (??? ??? ??

    ??? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????? ??????

    Samson spoke before the Holy One, blessed be He, Sovereign of the Universe, Remember on my behalf the twenty years I judged Israel, and never did I order anyone to carry my staff from one place to another.

    A story was brought by the Chida, regarding Rabbi Chaim Kefasi–a Miracle Worker who was a judge in Egypt, he was blind, and people were murmuring about him that he took bribes.

    He spoke to the congregation, that he heard people talking about him that he had taken bribes, and if it was true the clouds should cover. If he was right his sight should return to him. Chida said he saw this himself, the man was right and his sight returned to him. It says ?? ???? ????.

    Samson said he never took any bribe, and therefore deserved to have his second eye recompensed.


    Talmud torah knegged kulom

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Derech eretz kodmo laTorah


    DY – You fooled me, I clicked here cause I thought you posted a Dvar Torah.


    The Shabbos before Shavous is called Derech Eretz–We do the Chapter in Avos about Torah,

    So this Shabbos is Derech Eretz Kadma La Torah–before Shavous which is Mattan Torah


    Vilna Goan says converts are the neshomos of those individuals of the Nations of the World that accepted the Torah.

    Chida says most converts come to Judaism from Esav not Yishmael

    Yishmael has the word Nishma in its word (Yishma/nishma)

    Esauv has the word Nasse (Asse-v)

    Because Esauv gave more ‘sparks of holiness’* then Yishmael (Naase) they are Zoche to have more converts to Judaism

    * see Zohar, Esav it says Zorach MaHar Seir (a greater Loshon of light) then Hofia MeHar Paran (a lesser Loshon of light).

    am yisrael chai

    The Chidushei HaRim explains that the reason Shavuos is called Z’man ‘Matan’ Toraseinu and not Z’man ‘Kabbalas’ Toraseinu is that it’s the day that the Torah was ‘gifted’ (?? ????????) to us, and not the day that we ‘received’ the Torah. The gift began on that date–and the actual *receipt* of the gift continues to take place daily –day after day, every time we learn we learn another pasuk, another perek, another daf, even another word of Torah…

    This also explains why ?????? doesn’t have a date in the Torah as other holidays do (count 7 full weeks…), that we receive the Torah daily…


    Parshas Beholosacha

    ?? ?? ?’ ???? ?? ?? ?’ ????

    The word ?? ?? ?’ indicates only when you say Be’ezras Hashem when undertaking a endeavor do you succeed.

    (Levush Yosef)

    am yisrael chai

    We read in ????? ??? that when Boaz sees Ruth at his feet, he says in 4:11-4:13 that (paraphrasing) my daughter, don’t be afraid. Whatever you say, I’ll do. I’m a redeemer, but there’s a closer redeemer. Stay the night. In the morning, if he’ll redeem you, fine. Otherwise I’ll redeem you. Lie down till the morning.

    The ?? ??? ?? says that these are not only Boaz’s words but also Hashem’s!

    Hashem says to Am Yisrael: Stay through the long night of ????. Don’t ever give up, for morning will surely come. And when morning comes, you have a closer redeemer, your own ????? ?????? ?????. Perhaps they’ll be enough to redeem you when ???? comes.

    But if not ch”v, if you’ve been loyal to Hashem, then Hashem Himself will be your redeemer and do not be afraid!

    YW Moderator-42

    Hmmm where have I seen that before…

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Ben Yehoyoda

    Parshas SheLachlecha

    ???? ???? ????– if we had ladders that reached from the ground

    this can represent Tephilla, using Holy Names, that reaches Heaven (see Chaggiga ‘ Arbah nichnas le Pardes).


    Ben Yehoyoda

    Parshas SheLachlecha

    ???? ????? ????? ????? ???? ????

    This teaches us that (the Klal Yisroel upon hearing the Spies report) cast stones up to heaven. (Sotah 7)

    This was to indicate the fact they forfeited the coming Temple (built of stones).

    In addition-

    The stones falling down indicates a heavy thing falling (coming to Israel is hard– 3 things come with suffering one of them is living in Israel).

    This indicates the Spies spoke badly, and the people accepted there report, proving most of Klal Yisroel never had the Mesirus Nefesh to go to Israel.


    Ben Yehoyada.

    Parshas Korach.

    ???? ???? ??????

    ( Resh Lakish said:) He took a bad bargain for himself, being plucked out of Israel. (Sanhedrin 109 B)

    The Simple Pshat is that he caused the ‘burning’ of 250 men, and the ensuing plaque.

    A deeper Pshat is as follows;

    The Kelipah is called ???”?, and Bnei Yisroel were saved from it, in the Zechus of the 5 Books of the Torah. Therefore the Gematria of



    is also the Gematria of ???? (five books of Torah)

    Korach said that the Mitzvos were from Moshe’s reasoning not Hashem’s. Therefore he denied the whole ???? ???? ????, and he distanced the Yidden from fighting the Kelipah of TE”KEL and maintaining belief in the ???? ???? ????

    He ??? (distanced) the Yidden

    from the

    ?’ 5 ???? ???? ????’

    ??? (anagram)

    therefore it said he was ????.


    Ben Yehoyoda.

    Parshas Korach.

    ???- ???? ???????

    Just like a Onen is not a Avel (first 7 days after family bereavement). He didn’t go like a Avel and ask Moshe Rabbeinu Mechila, but he was in mourning to some extent, by the fact he never joined Korach and his assembly.

    He lamented, as he prayed for a miracle to happen to stop Korach and his assembly from entering the tent, when they saw On’s wife with her hair uncovered.

    As normally Reshaim like Korah and co. would not care about this.


    Pirkei Avos, Chapter 3.

    Tikun Moshe

    ?’?????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ????? ????????? ??????? ?????

    R. Elazar said: ‘Kinim’ and ‘Pishchei Niddah’ are essentials of Torah; canons of astronomy and Gematria are after-courses of wisdom. (Mishna V)

    ???? is ????

    ????? ??? is also under this category.

    Although by learning these things, you can come to ????? they are the essentials of Torah, to learn them and to guard them.

    However ????? ????????? you only learn them after your mind is filled with Shas and Poskim–which is like after-courses (desserts) in which you only eat after your ???? is filled with food.

    (Tikkun Moshe)


    Parshas Chukas.

    ‘purifies those impure, and makes impure those pure’

    (Chazal describing the Parah Hadumah).

    This statement describes 2 ways, how the Parah Adumah represents the tactics needed to fight against the Yetzer Hara.

    ‘Makes impure those pure’

    This signifies the Parah (Midas Hadin) of the Parah Aduma process.

    The first tactic to fight against the Yetzer Hara of pride (a pure person) e.g. a Torah Scholar like Rabbi Elazar Ben Shimon in Talmud Taanis -who needed to become impure (not so proud about his learning which led him to insult someone)is to ‘remember the day of death (Talmud Brochos).

    ‘Makes pure those impure’

    This signifies the Mayim Chaim (Midas Harachamim) of the Parah Adumah process.

    On the other hand someone who is a Rasha (impure), needs to learn Torah (compared to Mayim Chaim) to make him a better person (pure).

    (Ed Peri Tevuah)


    Parshas Chukas.

    ????? ??? ????? ????????

    ‘and the Egyptians did evil to us and our farthers’.

    The ?????? refer to the Avos.

    From here is a proof, that when the Yidden are suffering the Avos suffer aswell.

    (Aylas Hashachar-Rabbi Steinman, Shlita)



    Perek Daled.

    ???? ??? ????? ??? ???

    Who is wise? someone who learns from all men.

    This is juxtaposed to the previous statement in Avos of the previous Perek ?’?????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ????? ????????? ??????? ?????.

    This teaches us that first you learn aspects of Torah like Tahoras that are nogea to ‘all men’.

    Only then you learn aspects of Torah like Kedoshim and Kabbalah that are not nogea to ‘all men’.

    Learning Torah in this order a person is called ‘wise’.

    (Mahari-Yisroel Landau)


    Parshas Balak

    Ben Yehoyada.

    ?? ???? ??? ???? ??????

    (Bilam wanted to curse the Yidden that) they should not have any olive groves or vineyards. (Sanhedrin 105b)

    Q.) why are just these 2 commodities mentioned.

    A.) These 2 fruits are used to help Yidden be in the Beis Hamedrash and the Beis Hakeneset (?? ???? ???? ????).

    Olives produce oil that is used to like the Beis Hamedresh and the Beis Haknesset.

    As it says in Chazal ????? ??? ???? ???, ???? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ???????-the oil lighting in the Shuls and Torah study halls of Chizkiyahu’s kingdom helped defeat Sancheriv and his armies.

    In addition olive oil is used for memory in Torah, as it says in Chazal, ‘consuming olive oil helps to recall and retain Talmudic data’.

    Wine is also good for Torah

    It says in Chazal ???? ??? ??? ???-drinking wine releases secrets of Torah entrenched in a person. Indeed Rabbenu Hakodesh used this with his Talmidim ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? ????.

    Wine as a liquid conductive to Torah wisdom is emphasized by the statement of Rava ‘???? ?????? ???????’-‘wine and spices made me wise’.

    In conclusion we can now see why Chazal chose olive groves and vineyards as a prime commodities in Bilam’s intended curse.


    Parshas Balak

    Ben Yehoyoda.

    ?? ???? ???? ????

    (Bilam wanted to curse the Yidden) that their odour might not be fragrant. (Sanhedrin 105b)

    This was a curse that they should not increase Geirim. For example when the fragent of a fruit diffuses into the air, it attracts life. So to when the fragent of Torah diffuses into the air it attracts converts.

    Indeed the eventual blessing came true with Yissachar and Zevulun.

    Yissachar learnt the Torah in Isreal, whilst Zevullun (who supported Yissachar, went overseas to support Zevulun) spread the Torah learnt by Yissachar and increased convert to the Yidden.



    Perek 5

    ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ????

    ‘Ben Hei Hei said, according to the exertion is the reward’.

    This Tanna holds like Rabbi Tarfon in Avos, Perek 2, that ???? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ?????- the reward for Torah is in the Next World’.

    As Ben Bag Bag said before Ben Hei Hei’s statement, ???? ?? ??? ????. The reward for Torah is not definitively given in this world, it is given in the World to Come.

    To sum up, the ???? ????, the suffering one has for Torah in this world, will be rewarded ‘????’ in the Next World.

    (Tov V’ Yafeh)


    Parshas Pinchas

    ??? ?? ?? ??????

    (God tells Moshe Rabbenu) ascend Mount Havarim

    See Ramban who asks Moshe already ascended this mountain, as Har Havrarim is Har Nevo, so why, questions the Ramban, is it called Har Havarim?

    Kli Yakar gives a reason as follows;

    Since Moshe never left a son worthy enough to fill his place, therefore Hashem was filled with Ervah (‘wrath’ from the word HaEVARim) and indignation.

    This is refected in Talmud Sotah, as it says on the verse ‘V’havarta nachla’ someone who has no son to inherit them, God is filled with wrath (Ervah).



    Parshas Pinchas

    ???? ???’ ???

    The intention of the Midrash when it says on this verse ?????? ???? ???-the Festivals are pleasant for them (the Yidden)– as normally on Festival and happy times people increase pleasures like food and drink– not so with the Yidden, they subdue there Evil Inclination and curb there desires, ???? ????? is how they make the Yom Tov, Shemini Atzeres (from the word Atsur).



    ‘?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???

    That is the way of Torah (eat bread and salt and sleep on the ground).

    Sailors (?????) have the root ???, which means salt. The job of sailors it to row with the oars the salt in the water that holds the ship back( Olam Habah) and mix it with the water (Olam Hazeh).

    Salt is related to the Bris Hamelech (the ‘Covenant of the Salt’) which relates to the Olam Haboh.

    The job of a Torah Scholar is to Metaken the Olam Hazeh, e.g. by eating and making a Brocha (Olam Hazeh), so he can merit Olam Haboh.

    (Peri Chaim)


    Parshas Masei

    ????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????

    And they traveled from the Wilderness of Sinai and encamped in Kivros Taavos.

    It says that Joseph was thrown into the pit by his brothers that contained ‘no water’, from here the Talmud infers that there were snakes and scorpions in it- from this the commentators infer that when Torah (represented by water) is absent, snakes and scorpions arise (denoting the Yetzer Hara).

    In Kivros Hataavas (Tavvos means desires) the Yidden had these Taavos due to the lack of Torah, which is the antidote to the Yetzer Hara.

    (Kerem Hazvi)


    ????? ??? ???? ??? ??????

    Because of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, Yerushalayim was destroyed. (Gittin 55A)

    Marshah says that the Baal Habayis should have never listened to Kamtza who was the farther of Bar Kamtza and throw him out the banquet-rather he should have made peace between them.

    Whats-more it says ???? ??? ?????? ?????? ????-a person needs to be very accurate in his language. As it says in Chazal ????? ?????? ??????? the Sages were careful with there words- The listener also has to pay attention to the words he hears-as because Bar Kamtza misheard one letter the Churban resulted.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    ??????? ????? ????

    And Lebanon (Beis Hamikdash) will fall from a mighty one

    (Gittin 56A)

    Q) Why does it not say explicitly ??? ????

    A.) ???? has the letters (?? ?”? (11

    this represents the 11,000 forces of Tumah of Esauv ( Shaar Haposkim)

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Parshas Veschanan

    ??? ?? ???? ??? ???

    Honor your farther and mother.


    Avimi brought a drink to his farther, but his farther fell asleep before he handed it to him, he waited till his farther awoke, and at that time….

    ??????? ?????? ????? ????? ????? ????

    (Kiddushin 31B)

    The Midrash says this song was prophetically sung by Korach and his sons when he heard that the ‘sinking’ of the Temple gates after its destruction would bring him up from Geheninom in the future- however the actual song was only sung by a descendant of Korach ‘Asaf’ a far distant einiklech–although it would not affect him-he did it for Kibud Av’ Veim.

    This is why Avimi expounded this Psalm when he helped his farther-he did it for Kibud Av’ Veim.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Tisha B’ Av

    BACKROUND: The Roman’s killed Yidden because the Caesars daughter was murdered by some Yidden (who were avenging the destruction of there Holy possessions), The Romans killed so many Yidden..

    ????? ????? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??

    The Sages measured (the rivers) and it had 2 parts water in it and 1 part blood. (Gittin 57A)

    The Talmud in Niddah says a diluted wine drink (????) (in Talmudic times wine was so intoxicating it had to be dilluted) was 2 parts water and 1 part wine (wine was generally red like blood)-

    The Talmud in Sanhedrin says the verse in Shir Hashirim ?? ???? ???? -do not reduce the diluted wine- refers to Torah Scholars–

    From here we derive the loss of Talmudie Chachomim that were lost in this massacre.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Tub B’ Av

    BACKROUND: There was no day more of Simcha then the 15th of Av…..

    besulos (unmarried girls)….

    ????? ????? ??????

    would go out dancing between the vineyards…

    The reason they would dance between the vineyard is because Chazal say a married woman is compared to a vineyard ???? ???? ????? ?????? ???? (Tehillim-Chazal say that just like a vineyard should not attract other grafts or saplings so to a married woman should not be ????.

    So they would go out dancing between the vineyards and tell the ?????, lift you eyes and choose for yourself (to marry) ??? ???? ???? ????.

    A vineyard without any foreign elements added to it will produce good ‘grapes’–the metaphor for a ??? ???? ???? ????, who will have children who will be ????? ????? ????? ????.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Parshas Re’eh

    ???? ??? ??? ??? ????? ?????

    (Chullin 63A)

    When the ??? arrives (Egyptian vulture according to many opinions) mercy comes to the world.

    The good tidings of rain is called the ???, which is Gematria ???, and because of the announcement of Geula that comes through this bird (Geula in Talmud Taanis is compared to rain).

    The Moshiach is described in Yeshayahu as ??? ????? ?? ????. The word ???? can be rearranged to spell ????.

    Moshiach will come to the Yidden when they are fulfilling ??”? commandments (248, ??”? is a acronym for ???).

    Also Moshiach will come in the Zechus of Torah which is compared to a ???? (Yissachar is compared to a ???? ).

    Moshiach will also come in the Zechus of Avraham Avinu who’s name ????? is Gematria ??”?.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Parshas Re’eh

    ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?????

    and when it shreaks (the ??? vulture bird), it sounds a like a ‘sherakrak’ shreak. (Chullin 63A)

    The announcement it makes for Geula is with a ??”?.

    When the letter ? has 1000 added to it = 9000 which is Gematria ?????.

    The ??? also announces rain, (Talmud Chullin), in which Talmud Taanis comments ???? ??? ????? ????? ??????-rainfall is greater then the Ingathering of the Exile’s.

    In addition a ??? is ???? (Kabbalistic Sefirot).

    Yosef Hatzaddik (who Moshiach Ben Yosef will descend from) is also ????-Therefore it will announce Moshiach in the year 6000 that is also ????.

    (Ben Yehoyoda).


    Parshas Re’eh

    BACKROUND: The Roman philosophers are arguing with the Jewish Sages, and now attempt to prove that Avodah Zorah has some truth to it.

    ???? ??? ???? ???? ????

    A man serves Avodah Zorah and rain falls.

    (Talmud Avodah Zorah (65A)

    This cannot be true as it says in Tanach ????? ???? ??????? -the vanity of the idol worshipers is foolish (a pun of the word for rain).

    The Midrash comments on this that does not fall by magic or demons, it only falls by the Command of Hashem.

    The answer could be, that since Hashem commandson Rosh Hashona that the rain fall’s on a certain day in a certain place. The ??????? (the ‘external forces’), hear Hashem’s decrees on Rosh Hashona and mislead some people

    The command of Hashem is done with speech, which reaches these idol worshipers in a dream.

    If Hashem would not use speech, but thought (?????) then the idol worshipers would not hear this in a dream, and therefore would not ascribe it to there idols, and therefore would not worship the idols.

    This is why the Jewish Sagess reply ‘ ?????? ?????? ??? ?????’ he smoothed there words (they have evidence that idol worship has a some truth ) in order to drive (the idol worshiper’s) from the world, i.e. he causes it to rain (sometimes) on the day they pray to there idol, He let’s nature (???) take it’s course and the idol worshipers are punished for not seeing God in the ???.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    Earthquake and Tsunami

    by Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

    According to the Torah, there are seven Noahide Laws that are binding on all human beings, and these constitute the Natural Law according to which the world operates; these are:

    Prohibition of idolatry

    Prohibition of murder

    Prohibition of theft

    Prohibition of sexual promiscuity

    Prohibition of blasphemy

    Prohibition of flesh taken from a live animal

    Requirement to have just laws.

    All human beings, religionists and non-religionists are required to abide by these laws, which underlie the Natural Law according to which the world operates. Violation of these laws is tampering with Natural Law, whose consequences can be catastrophic.

    Is this an injustice? Yes, just as it is an injustice for a pedestrian to be killed by a reckless driver. Such happenings occur because G-d does not interfere with the free choice and behavior of human beings. Just as we do not fault G-d when an innocent person is killed by a reckless driver, we should not fault G-d when innocent people, victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunami, suffer from the reckless behavior of those who violate the Natural Law.

    No one is singled out to suffer the consequences of tampering with Natural Law. Violation of the seven Noahide Laws by people on one continent may result in a disruption of the Natural Law according to which the world operates, and the consequences of such disruption may occur on a distant continent. The disruption of the Natural Law which affected Indonesia and Haiti may have been caused by violations of the Noahide Laws by people the world over. No individual or group of people can be singled out as responsible and as being punished.

    The seven Noahide Laws are the basis of decency and morality. Every human being should behave according to them.


    Parshas Shoftim.

    ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ??????

    Any judge that judges a lawsuit truthfully causes the Divine Presence to dwell on Klal Yisroel.

    (Sanhedrin 7A)

    The power of a judge is in the mouth, as he says

    “so and so is innocent, and

    “so and so is guilty”. The words go out his lips (????).

    The ???? is Gematria ?????.

    So a good Judge, saying the right thing causes ???? ????? ??????.

    (Ben Yehoyoada)


    Parshas Shoftim.

    ??? ??????? ????

    and they made his body like a sieve.

    (Sanhedrin 13A)

    ???? is a anagram of ????, Rabbi Yehuda made himself and the world into a ????. He sacrificed his life so the ???? of Semicha could continue.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)


    ???? ??? ??? ???????-

    ‘Your navel’ (Shir Hashrim) this refers to the Sanhedrin.

    (Sanhedrin 37A)

    It is known a Torah Scholar is called a ??(Ruler) as it says

    ?? ???? ????? -through me rulers rule, (Mishlei).

    It also says

    ??? ???? ?????, ????? ???? ?? ???-why is it (Torah) called ?????, because it weakens the strength of a person.

    So ?? and ?? (weak) brought together equals ????. (the Sanhedrin who are Torah Scholars).

    (Ben Yehoyoda).


    Parshas Ki Tsetzse

    ?? ??? ??? ???? ?????

    (A Wayward and Rebbelious son-a ben sorrer v’ morer) It was never and it never will be.

    (Sanhedrin 71A)

    The Arizal says that the Yidden keep all the Mitzvos in this world (Olam Hazeh) physically, so in the future(Le osid Lovo) they will keep all the Mitzvos spiritually-as this Mitzva never occurred (as the conditions mentioned in Sanhedrin are impossible to attain), this Mitzva will not physically be able to be kept in this world therefore spiritually it will not be able to be kept in Le Osid Lovo.

    (Ben Yehoyoda)

    am yisrael chai

    What is the point of including the ben sorer u’moreh altogether if the Torah doesn’t relate arbitrary & impossible items?


    Parshas Ki Tzetse

    ???? is Roshei Teves ??????? ????? ??? ????? (Talmud Kiddushin)- contemplation of transgression is worse than transgression.

    The ???? (the protective fence on the roof) is situated on the ??, which in Kabbala symbolism, represents the brain of a person, there has to be a fence around the thoughts of a person more then the acts.

    (toldsos haodom)


    Parshas Kisovo

    ???? ?? ???? ?? ????

    and when you come to the land.

    The word ???? is a Loshon of Simcha (happiness). The happiness of fuffiling the Mitzva of Yishuv Eretz Yisroel. As it says in Tehillim ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ???-then (Moshiach comes)are mouths will be filled with laughter and are tongues with exaltation.

    (Rabbi Chaim Attar)


    In this weeks parsha there is a pasuk which at first glance seems to be out of order, but with Rashi and Targum Yonason’s explanation there is no misplacement.The pasuk says when I will bring you to mokem zeh(Rashi says this means the Bais HaMikdash)and then says I will give you the land of Eretz Yisroel.The question that could be asked is that Klal Yisroel entered Eretz Yisroel and then got the Bais HaMikdash later why then is the Bais HaMikdash mentioned first? If one goes back to Sefer Shemos to the pasrsha of Korban Peasach one will see a fascinating Targum Yonason. He brings down that Klal Yisroel flew on kanfei nesharim to the mokem HaMikdash to do the mitzvah of Korban Peasach and then went back to mitzrayim.Since Klal Yisroel was at the sit of the Bais HaMikdash first that is why it is mentioned first.

    As a side note, one can say that Moshe Rabbeniu entered Eretz Yisroel before his ban on entering Eretz Yisroel.(There is another source for this concept in the parsha of the Meraglim)

    am yisrael chai

    ????? ?????? ????!!!

    And I mean that for everyone, not just writing it to fit the game!


    Parshas Nitzsavim

    ??????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???

    and he cast them into another land, like this day.

    This can allude to the exiles of the Jewish people throughout history, going from land to land, but ultimately ???? ???, when Moshiach comes, they wil return to the Land of Isreal.

    (Ksav Sofer)

    am yisrael chai

    The above is from Dvarim 29:27

    Thanks for the vort, MC

    am yisrael chai

    Shlomo HaMelech wrote “Sheva Yipol Tzaddik Vekam” – “A tzaddik falls seven times, and rises” (Mishlei 24:16).

    Poshut pshat is a tzaddik moves on even with his many falls.

    Rav Yitzchak Hutner ZT”L explained it that a tzaddik IS a tzaddik BECAUSE he fell 7 times, and then he got up.

    In a letter to a student experiencing hard times, Rav Hutner expressed the idea that achieving gadlus is a process of overcoming and moving on. He explained that while we imagine tzaddikim being born righteous, it is more likely that they STRUGGLED to become great!

    Rav Yitzchak Hutner (as told by BaalHabooze)



    Parshas Vayalech:

    The parsha discusses the mitzvah of hakel which mentions to bring children.The gemara in Chagiga brings a story about two talmidim visting R’ Yehoshua.R’ Yehoshua asked them what new thing did you learn,they didn’t want to answer,but eventually they answered that by the mitzva of hakel men come to learn ,women come to hear, and children come to give shchar to the ones who brought them.R Yehoshua then said why did you want to hid a precious gem from me.Why was this teaching so precious to R’ Yehosua?

    Rebbi Yosef Chaim says you could be medyiuk from the gemara that men come to learn women come to hear,if it is talking about women who understand then they are like men who learn but if they don’t understand then the same question could be asked on them as the question of children .

    However there is a Zohar(shlach)that women learn Torah in gan eden ,but how do they know how to learn if they do not do so in olam hazeh?Women hear men learning Torah so from the hearing of Torah their Neshama collects it and from their they know.

    So now we can answer why this was so precious for R’ Yehoshua.In a mishna in Avos(2:8) R’Yochanan ben Zakai was giving praise on his talmidiem and by R’Yehoshua he said Praiseworthy is the one who gave birth to him.The Rav on the Mishna brings down that his mother would bring him to the bais medrash as a young infant.So up until now R’Yeshoua thought what was the point in being brought to the bais medrash at such a young age.From the reason they told him even though he didn’t understand what was being said his neshama collected what was being said,and that was the shachar halicha.(Kemotzo Shlal Rav)

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