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    yashrus – I don’t think that is the correct explanation. It is a shame that people don’t know the real explanation, and instead have no choice but to answer the national media “I skip that one” for fear of insulting women.

    We are thanking Hashem for giving us mitzvos to keep. First off, we say Shelo Asani Goy. We praise Hashem that he gave us more than the 7 mitzvos he gave a goy. Next, we raise the bar, “Shelo asani Ohved”. We praise Hashem that he didn’t make us an Eved Canaani, who is chayav in mitzvos (like an isha). Finally, MEN add “Shelo asani isha”, praising Hashem for the full gamut of mitzvos that men are chayiv to fulfill (as opposed to women).

    Bonus question: What then does the bracha of “she’osani kir’tzono” accomplish?


    Squeak. You really shouldn’t take issue with the main idea that yashrus said, just with the way he presented it. The main idea why woman say keritzono. One might suffice themselves with the simple pshat that it was His will to create them that way. Yashrus presented the pshat, which I’ve heard before, that a stam Woman is more refined (in many ways) and like HaShem. I gave a pshat that tends to the kabbalistic side of things. But the reason for men saying shelo asani isha is as you have said, as the gemarah so states.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Nossond, that was a nice hesber in your earlier post.


    I dont know what your all arguing about, the only reason i wrote that vort was b/c i had to be yotze zien with a feministic vort. But en hachi nami squeak, I have alot of kavana when i say shelo asani isha lol.

    Nossond-your also right but sof kol sof even though theres good to both why do they praise for what they have and why do we praise for (obviously since we say shelo asani isha) have more than them.

    (btw this is just a ploy to get jewishfeminist back in the coffe room, i miss her, i have no one to converse (aka rip apart) with)


    nossond: your very welcome & thank you!!! i’m looking foward to hear many more wonderful devrei torahs from you!!!


    At the end of the parsha, things get worse for the yidden, and Moshe complained to HaShem about it. HaShem said to him, atah tir’eh, now you will see, but not in eretz Yisrael (Rashi).

    The first idea here is that it is always darkest before the dawn. It was easy for them to believe in HaShem and Moshe as long as things went well. HaShem gave them a nisayon to test their emunah.

    It says (and by now we know the song) that Moshiach does not come unless there is hesech hada’as. The song asks, how can we lose focus for Moshiach? I beleive the answer is based on what I wrote above. When Moshiach comes, it will be like in Mitzrayim. Things will seem great, but then turn for the worse, to test our emunah. This turn for the worse is the hesech hada’as, because it will not be on a silver platter to hope for him.

    A second idea here is a limud zechus for Moshe Rabeinu. Think about it. Things were getting worse, and who knows exactly what would be. It seems to me that it may be worth it to so to speak “provoke” HaShem into getting agry at you for your lack of emunah, to thereby get an assurance from Him that all will suddenly become good. Atah tir’eh has two opposite meanings. One is that now you will see, but not later. On the other hand, now you will see (the miricles) is an assurance that all would now be well. Everything has a price. That assurance came with a price for Moshe. Perhaps it was worth it.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Since I don’t see a new vort for today, will post a short one. We say Borei Nefashos Rabos Vchesronan. We praise Hashem for creating many beings and their lacks. Why thank him for what we lack? Possibly the pshat is that each of us have different talents. I may know nothing about shoes, but I know about farming. The other fellow knows nothing about farming, but he knows how to make shoes. Because we all need the talents of the other in order to survive, it enables us to appreciate each person. Each person is necessary lhachayos bahem nefesh kol chai.


    Great pshat: pashut. I have nothing to add to this one.


    This D’var Torah was prepared and presented by my 4th grade daughter as part of an assignment for her class – she used the Midrash says as her guide to write it (I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do):

    How did Serach know? Before Yoseph was niftar he told her this password that he learned from Yaakov. How did Serach live so long? Two weeks ago it says in the parsha that the brothers went up to Yaakov to tell him Yoseph was still alive and they brought Serach bas Asher to play her harp and sing Yoseph is alive in Egypt. Yaakov was so happy that he gave her a blessing that she should live forever.


    Mussar HaTorah

    21 Teves, 5769 Vol. 10, No. 13 Parashas Shmos

    mitzvah of saving a Jewish life; how is it conceivable that Moshe would have passed it up?

    We must conclude that Moshe really would have seized the chance to do this mitzvah even if there were others that were ready and able to kill the Egyptian.

    The lack of response by other Jews did not determine whether Moshe would react, but rather how he would react. Moshe would not have acted with the same intensity had he known that other people were available. The Midrash is explaining that Moshe surveyed the scene and saw no one else ready to act. This knowledge did not make him hesitant, feeling alone and unsure. Instead, seeing this state of affairs filled him with courage and strength. He focused on the fact that he was the only one willing to save his Jewish brother. This knowledge

    only caused Moshe to increase his zealous fervor.

    How often do we find ourselves in situations that call for action, that require



    mdlevine: that was an impressive devarei torah!!! have only nachas from her!!!

    nossond: once again a great vort!!! ever concidered being a rebbe in yeshiva???

    Pashuteh Yid: great short & to the point vort!!!

    where’s izzy’s vort???

    Pashuteh Yid

    Mdlevine: What a fine daughter you have.

    Thanks, asdfg.


    Pashuteh Yid: that was actually our first convo i realized!!! seems like you were real popular before i joined the cr!!!


    put me down for sometime next week please (motzei shabbos fine too)

    M’Shabbos it is. Thanks! YW Moderator-72


    asdfghjkl: As they say, e’ven ma’asu habonim…

    Chofetz: that was a great vort.

    Mod: sign me up for whenever.

    I just realized I have a written up already piece for Shemos. In my unhumble oppinion, its really good.

    You have Sunday – thanks! YW Moderator-72

    YW Moderator-72

    Does anybody want a permanent night? This will not exclude others from posting on a particular night. We can even have more than one person signing up for a night. This would just ensure that no night gets skipped like we almost had last night.

    which permanent night do you want:

    JayMatt19 –

    nossond –

    qwertyuiop –

    Pashuteh Yid –

    Bais Yaakov Maydel –

    chofetzchaim –

    4th grade daughter of mdlevine –

    another question – does anybody want to provide a daily synopsis of the daf (not cut and paste from another site)? should we start a new thread for this?

    Have a wonderful Shabbos everyone!


    $$mod72: i’ll take monday(permanant), but i can’t garauntee it every week$$

    …then it is not quite permanent, is it? close enough – you got it! YW Moderator-72


    mod72:$$thanx, and i’ll be able to post a Dvar Torah most weeks$$

    Pashuteh Yid

    Will share one for Shabbos. It says when Moshe’s mother saw him Vateireh oso ki tov hu. The famous Rashi says that because the words ki tov are also used in Breishis about the light, that when Moshe was born the house filled with light.

    Most people think this was because he was a magical baby, so his mother tried to save him. However, I am troubled, because we believe one needs to earn ruach hakodesh, and why was it fair to every other child that they didn’t get this special light as a baby?

    I think pshat is that this light was the simcha of every yiddishe parent when they see a new child. She filled the house with light and simcha and didn’t worry about the difficult circumstances and danger that surrounded the klal at that time. She was bubbling with hope for the future. Unfortunately, other families had given up in despair at that time and were even not having kids.

    Since she didn’t give up hope and always believed in the geulah, her son was chosen to lead them out.


    no prob doing Motzei Shabbos as a “permanent” (might be a good idea since i am in Yerushalayim)

    Might be an idea to have 2 sign ups, the 1st for permanents, and the second on a weekly basis. With 2 each day, there will be less opportunity to miss a day.

    and on to the d’var Torah…

    I said this at my table Leil Shabbos (found in the Tallilei Oros):

    The Ramban (quoting the Ibn Ezra) asks why the Torah goes out of its way, to mention all the details of Sarah’s miraculous birth at age 90, while all but ignoring the fact that Yocheved gave birth to Moshe at age 130?!?

    The answer he gives is that the Torah (and Neviim) goes out of its way to state the miracles which where foretold though prophecy, while generally turning a “blind eye” to those which occur without being foretold via prophecy.

    The Apirion states that since the miracle was already mentioned by Sarah, there was no need for the Torah to mention the occurrence of a similar miracle by Yocheved.

    The Dubna Maggid gives a Mashal to answer this question.

    Two paupers (who collect door-to-door) met each other on the road one night. The started chatting about where the other was coming from, and how they did there. Reuven told Shimon that he came from Plonyville, and everyone there gave him $20.

    Shimon responded to Reuven, stating that when he went to Plonyville, everyone gave him $40.

    Reuven asked Shimon when he collected there. Shimon’s reply: “Purim”

    Reuven ten told Shimon that Purim is neither a chiddush nor a proof, since on Purim many members of Klal Yisroel go out of their way to give extra Matanos L’evyonim. It could even be, said Reuven, that my $20 during regular times is a greater proof of their generosity then the $40 you received on Purim.

    So what is the connection? Yocheved had Moshe during the time of “Paru V’Yashritzu V’Yarbu B’me’od me’od”. It was considered normal for sextuplets to be born. As such, Yocheved having a child at 130 was nothing special. However, nothing of the sort was happening during the time of Avraham and Sarah. During there time, things were operating under the laws of teva (nature). Thus the birth of Yitchak was indeed much more miraculous, despite the fact that, at the time of their respective births, Sarah was 40 year Yocheved’s junior.


    i’ll do tuesday for this week!!!


    mod-72-hmmm im not on that list (u guys really dont like me lol) but ill take i permant day anyway. Hows every thursday, its the only night i can really go on.


    Hey I wanna give one this week how do I get to??

    You have Wednesday – Thank you. YW Moderator-72


    Yashrus- this Thursday is taken, sorry. Maybe starting from next Thursday.



    yashrus/anonymiss, More than one person can post a Dvar Torah the same day/night.


    Mod 72 it has to be on perashat veyerah or can it be shemot?

    YW Moderator-72

    yashrus20 – you can post this Thursday along with moish01. The more Torah the better!

    syriansephardi – It can be on any Torah subject that you want.


    Dvar Torah for Sunday

    By hail, locust, and darkness, HaShem told Moshe to stretch forth his hand. If so, why by hail and locust did Moshe stretch forth his staff, and by darkness he did not? (Look it up!)

    The servants were able to do so by locust because it was then within the letter of the law to do so, because the plague of hail on the fearing servants as well (on their field produce) and the warning for locust already showed the need to do more. But hail came upon them without indication or further warning. And after the warning for locust, Pharaoh and the servants did what they needed to do, but the plague still came on them without indication or further warning. The plague showed that one is held responsible for not doing more. This message was for the yidden.

    Darkness was not a sign because locust already showed them that they have to do more, and they did not.)


    nossond: thanx for a wonderful devar torah!!!


    Nossond: chazak ubaruch!!


    asdfghjkl: shkoyach!!! (and what about the one before on mi anochi; did you see it?)

    S.Y.: Chazack Ve’ematz!!


    I have a great one for the Sedarim, so I will try to remember to post just before Yom Tov. it is a Dvar Torah that my Dad O”H used to tell over every year on the first Seder Night, and was in the name of the Vilna Gaon.

    You can open a Thread here: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/forum/pesach to post the Pesach D’var Torah. YW Moderator-72



    mod72:i actually decided not to google it this week, instead i will give one from Shemos, which i heard from somebody on Shabbos.

    We read this past week in Shemos, that Basya stuck out her hand to save Moshe. So most people ask the question, if she saw she wasn’t gonna reach Moshe anyways, then why did she even bother trying to get Moshe. So i think it was the Kutzker ZT’L(somebody correct me if i’m wrong) who says that we learn from here thaat uf we want to do something that’s right, if Hash-m wants us to do it, HE will help us get through it the right way.


    No action here for a bit, so here is a bonus d’var torah.

    There has been some discussion here about the brachos of “shelo asani Isha” and “She’asani k’rtzono”. So here are two pshatim I saw.

    The question here is: “Why do men not say “She’asani K’rtzono” are we not according to his ratzon? (yashrus20, I think i saw that R’ Schwab quotes the Maharal who says your pshat)

    Anyways #1: After creating man, Hashem said “Lo Tov…”, and altered his original creation. So, according to this opinion (The Ma’asas Kepi) the bracha “She’asani K’rtzono” is said not because it is only women who are made like his ratzon, rather, the 1st woman was created K’rzono (in line with his desire) as Hashem did not need to make changes to this creation where are the 1st man was not made K’rtzono (as evident by the need to make a change)

    Answer #2 (Siach Zvi, quoted by R’ Yehuda Leib Liff): When Hashem created man :Na’aseh Adam”, Chazal learn that Hashem conferred with the angels about whether to, and how to make man. However, when creating the female, no such exchange took place, and as such the woman was created 100% from Hashem’s will (K’rtzono) i.e. without any outside assistance.

    And now we can see why the bracha of “She’asani K’rtzono” is ideal for women but not for men

    YW Moderator-72

    Please see the D’Var Torah submitted earlier by qwertyuiop


    Here’s from a CR female.

    Dvar Torah I heard over Shabbos. I believe it was from a chassidish Rebbe, but I’ll have to double check who exactly says this.

    Where in this past week’s parsha is there a reference to the present day situation of huband in kollel and wife supporting?

    “Vchol ben hayilod hayiorah tashlichuhu, v’chal habas t’chayun.”

    The “ben” – male is thrown to the “yeohr” = we know that torah = ohr.

    The “bas” – wife, tchayun = will provide the sustenance and livelihiood.

    Enjoy 🙂


    Curious, that’s like “al shlosha dvarim haolam omeid,”

    torah– husband

    avoda– wife

    gmilas chasadim– father-in-law



    are there any nights still open?

    We encourage multiple submissions a night. pick a night and submit or submit one now :o) Thank you. YW Moderator-72


    qwertyuiop: great devar torah!!! you made me so proud!!! wow not googled!!

    JayMatt19: nice vort there!!

    Curious: your morah must be proud of ya!!! nice one!!!

    Syag Lechochma: this week the schedule is already full, but you can always just tell us a devrei torah any night as well!!! all devari torahs are welcome!!!

    anonymisss: very nice!!!

    there is no such thing as the schedule being full – more than one person can sign up per night and/or post with out signing up. YW Moderator-72


    Ooh I can’t wait to write mine on wednesday!! Gotta think of something good!!


    Two more mekoros for wives supporting.

    Noda bashiarim ba’alah bshivto im ziknei aretz. The husband sits and learns. Sadin asita vatimkor vichagor natina lakina’ani. The wife works.

    Another mekor for wives supporting is from the king of beasts, the lion. The female lioness hunts, gathers, and what not. And the male lion, well you know…

    Thus, when a man learns Torah, he is a king, like the lion, and the wife supports them.


    Querty: The psaht I heard is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you are able to accomplish something. If something is meaningful to you, your emotions make you reach out for it.


    nossond – it sounds better coming from the girl though…

    Cuz otherwise we could go back to cite the the contract that you signed under the chuppah, aka the kesubah.


    syriansephardi: sure ya could write on tonight!!! i’m excited to hear it!!!

    nossond: i liked that one!!! thnx rebbe!!!


    Ok mod 72 I’m just writing it anyways k?

    From another CR female:

    Why did Hashem put adam to sleep while he was creating chava? A- mashal- (forget the exact details but…) A rabbi slughtered a cow in front of an emperor, when the rabbi was done shechting and cooking the meat he said “now let’s eat” the emperor said “with all due respect rabbi, there’s NO WAY I can eat that after I saw u slaughter it. It’ll make me sick” nimshal- Hashem put adam to sleep so he wouldn’t see the whole process of chava being created from his limb because everytime he would look at her he would think of where and how she was created and he wouldn’t want to look at her. That’s all 🙂 hope u guys enjoyed


    ok thanx nossond.$



    When the wife works and the guy (really) learns, it is a positive thing in all directions. What have women been fighting for, for who knows how long: the equal right to work. They make money, and gain great respect and status. This might infringe on a marriage, because the husband may feel like a loser. But if the husband is really shtieging away and the husband and wife appreciate each other, it’s a beautiful thing.

    This does not mean that the wife has to do it. It just means that it is a valid approach.


    syriansephardi: it was great i really enjoyed it!!! i’m up for tomorrow night’s devar torah!!!


    Do we have someone for Wednesday? syriansephardi are you doing Wednesday as well as the one you just did?

    You can give on Wednesday also. YW Moderator-72


    Asdfghjkl: thanx!!

    Jay: yep I’m goin wednesday too be”H

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