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    Look, even recently, YWN spotlighted Chabad’s many cheseds ๐Ÿ™‚

    THREE EXAMPLES SHOWING CHABAD IN A FAVORABLE LIGHT… (and there are many more positive articles, when you search “Chabad” in YWN’s search engine)

    1) For example, when Chabad chassidim in Elad couldn’t afford their own Calabria etrogim, Mora Dโ€™asra of Chabad Elad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman Yuroslovsky decided to relieve the community of the strain of buying individual etrogim. Instead, the rabbi is having everyone in the kehilla chip in 25 shekels to share a beautiful etrog (YWN – Israel desk).

    Chabad Elad Purchasing One Esrog For The Entire Kehilla


    2) And how about this YWN title: “Chessed At Chabad Of Tallahassee During Hurricane Irma”…

    Self-explanatory, right? Respect and acknowledgment of Chabad’s goodness… to me that’s ahavas Yisroel.

    Chessed At Chabad Of Tallahassee During Hurricane Irma

    3) Finally, YWN’s journalist even expressed a sense of relief knowing that the Chabad shluchim on St. Maarten. YWN later checked up on the family again, glad to see that they found a safe flight to New York, later on.

    “Thankfully, the Chanowitz family was safely removed from the Island before Shabbos, and landed safely in Puerto Rico.

    “YWN spoke with Rabbi Zarchi on Sunday afternoon, who informed us that the Chanowitz family had just boarded a commercial flight back to the New York area.” (Sept. 10, 2017 YWN)

    THE REAL STORY: How The Family Of The Chabad Shliach In St. Marteen Was Rescued


    That’s LOVE <3 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ik ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Was just seeing if they were gonna post it


    Usually, the editors are accused of hating Satmar so I guess this is part of affirmative action


    No cuz was wondering y my comment wasn’t being posted it wasn’t of topic or anything

    Yechi Hamelech

    Iv’e tried numerous times to post comments complaining about CR members
    who were attacking Chabad, but moderators never allowed my comments to be posted…


    It had nothing to do with chabad what I was writing it was in a section that got closed yesterday about a ger who asked a question

    Yechi Hamelech

    there was an article about an anti – semitic attack in Crown Heights in which someone ripped a sheitel off of a frum woman’s head.

    CR’s response? what does crown heights have to do with the litvishe world….
    the same person that wrote that , opened up a thread a short while later complaining about YWN’s obsession with Crown Heights. i dont know about you but call that “Chabad Hate”



    Why are you assuming that everyone in Crown Heights is Chabad?

    I find that quite offensive.

    Yechi Hamelech

    The same person who wrote that comment also wrote a month earlier “Isn’t it obvious why they dont mix with other frum Yidden? they don’t want the children to learn their “evil misnagdishe ways”. they also will not participate in any non chabad events since they feel superioir and most likely these events will be anti-chabad in their minds.”
    this is yet another example of “anti chabad”


    Ch is getting new types of ppl….
    Some satmars moved to the edge of ch and some MO in random places in ch

    Yechi Hamelech

    and a few hipsters sprinkled on the top

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