Chessed At Chabad Of Tallahassee During Hurricane Irma



While it was understandably not a pleasant experience for many of the thousands evacuating South Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma, a large group of Jews were fortunate to experience a wonderful weekend in Tallahassee.

Over 100 people attended Shabbos meals at Chabad of Tallahassee and Florida State University. Director Rabbi Shneur Zalman and his wife Mrs Chanie Oirechman welcomed anyone and everyone passing through who needed a place to stay.

25 people slept in the Chabad House itself, with the Oirechmans placing mattresses in ‘every nook and cranny,’ and providing comfortable pillows and blankets to all.

One group of elderly Jews first arrived at Chabad after 8 PM on Friday night, after their car experienced engine trouble. The Rabbi and his wife welcomed them “with a smile,” and made them feel at home.

In the attached video, it is evident just how warm and welcoming the Rabbi was, with his elderly guest expressing his appreciation for the wonderful Shabbos they had just experienced.

(Nat Golden – YWN)