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    I just notice that YWN is on facebook.

    Should my response be: What took so long? Or….FACEBOOK?! HOW LOW HAVE WE FALLEN?!

    Facebook link: http://tinyurl.com/66vbvor

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    hmmm… I havta think about whether or not to ‘friend’ YWN on FB. I feel like I would havta compromise/censor myself if I did ‘like’ the page. at the very least, my photos– which I have no problem sharing with my family & real friends on FB.

    a quandary… I’m still thinkin’….


    You can’t “friend” YWN.

    You can just “like” it.

    It’s a fan page, not a regular Facebook page.

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    achosid~ thanks! even tho’ I’ve been on FB for more than a couple of years, I still never completely understood the difference, & wondered how much of my ‘stuff’ they could see.

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    but you do know, fyi, that one can then access other peeps’ pages who ‘like’ the page; how much?– depending on their privacy settings. I’m just sayin’….


    I think its a chilul hashem, the fact that a frum news company, should be on such a goyisha chatting web, or whatever u wanna call it like fb.

    John Doe

    About time!

    I “like” it.

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    is one of the Mods overseeing the YWN-FB page, or a whole other separate person?

    (also, I wanted to ‘bump’ this thread up to hear feedback & the controversy that, I believe, will result from this endeavor.)

    i am here

    Facebook – I cant understand why anyone would want to be on Facebook-so goyish its enough everyone is on the internet. And especially a chatting one!!! Cant believe it.

    John Doe

    ” And especially a chatting one!!!”

    And what’s this?????!!!!

    Get lost, you fakers.

    always here

    funny, rite?! LOL


    The point of ywn it’s the only kosher cr

    Now you want to mix it with facebook!!!

    Whoever came up with this brainstorm should NOT be moderating posts

    i am here

    not a faker the only thing i do online is YWN and check email thats about it your the faker.

    Thats goyim showing everything else there, also not just the coffe room.

    And what’s this?????!!!! This is the coffe room




    Mod, you trying to take over for Human Spellchecker?








    Ok, dont wanna take over the thread.



    CR can be just as bad as Facebook. Here’s why. Men and women are chatting to each other all the time here and on Facebook you can pick and choose who you want to be friends with. So if you have such a problem with FB then maybe you dont belong in here either. I’m sure if you asked your Rav what to do he’d tell you to get rid of the internet all together.

    The lashon harah and the rechilus and the people bashing that goes on here is way worse than what goes on on FB. On FB you can control and have privacy controls on what you say/do etc. but here it can get so intense that people dont hold back! So before you go bashing FB(and all the good that it does) think about what you are doing here!

    i am here

    coffe!!!!!!!! ya


    I personaly don’t think its the wrong thing that YWN is on facebook, because those who use it – use it. and those of us who don’t use facebook (me included) will continue not to use it.


    yogibooboo i think ur wrong. facebook u r in contact with and u see who u r talking to. here ur just talking to screen names u dont know who any one is


    What’s wrong with YWN having a FB page? i also do


    I’m not sure what people have heard about facebook, but from the comments it seems like many have no clue…Facebook is used so people can stay in touch with one another, connect and reconnect with old freinds and or distant family….yes you can share pictures, but you have the option to make them private so only those who you give access can view them…Facebook is also one of the major forms of communication for many corporations allowing them to inform their customers of new products etc…YWN being on facebook is simply good business…again it seems that most people with something negative to say have never been on facebook but rather have relied on the untruths people have told them…Facebook like the internet like anything in this world can be used for good or bad, it’s up to you to teach your children the right way and then have confidence in them to do the right thing…trust your parenting skills and trust your kids…


    TBL- thats exactly why FB isnt as bad! You SEE who you are talking to! you KNOW who you are talking to! Here you can be talking to men to women and women to men. I love Facebook and all the it enatils. I’ve been able to keep up with people and see them go from seminary to marriage to having kids and watching their kids grow! That’s the good of Facebook. So here I will agree with Mike and say look into it before you bash it!


    speaking of which i saw the social network on the plane to geneva….wow that was some crazy law suits he got there!!!


    “speaking of which i saw the social network on the plane to geneva….wow that was some crazy law suits he got there!!!”

    thats OK, he has the oney to cover them all and then some….


    The fact that the YWN facebook page has a link to each of the people who “like” the YWN page is troubling.

    True, I could go on to Facebook anytime I like, and no one is stopping me, but the idea of contacting the other people, (whose photos are on the page)is not something YWN should be partnering with.

    I get into enough trouble on our own, without YWN “helping” me.


    mark, i will be ur friend :))) lol

    always here

    bpt~ I made a comment, sorta similar but more personalized, last night! I said I figured out someone’s screen name from the FB pg… someone I know IRL. I don’t think the after 1am Mod likes me 🙁


    at least with facebook you can choose who you interact with, here you don’t really have that ability…


    yogibooboo if you ever listen to rabbi walerstein or any other person who works with teenagers who need guidance they will tell u the dangers of fb and how everyone thinks its so good bc it has divrei torah and u can keep up with friends on it. if u want to keep up with friends we have phones and email. u can go onto torahanytime.com and type in internet or facebook and youll get a bunch of speeches of the danger.


    Facebook is no more dangerous than anything else we have to contend with in the secular world. If you use it properly it is very safe. Most of the people lecturing about facebook have probably never been on it or aren’t aware how it works. Facebook is no more dangerous than chatting here in the coffe room, looking at pictures on onlysimchas.com… still don’t see the danger of connecting with friends and family on line…we can’t just run around banning everything, better to teach people how to use it properly…


    well FYI i am not a teenager. also i have no patience to talk to people on the phone half the time and these days who has time to send whole long emails. therefore i facebook people and get to keep up with many. if you have such a problem with facebook maybe get rid of yours or dont get it. half the people im friends with on FB i wouldnt talk to on a daily basis. some live in israel, australia even south africa. im happy to talk to them on FB. you wanna know what I do on FB? ill tell u. i upload pictures(i was able to show pictures of my wedding to cousins who couldnt be there and friends who werent invited), i see others pictures, i play games and i can randomly message someone to say hi. Maybe since you were told you cant be on FB for some reason you became against it? is that possible? maybe you got into trouble? who knows. yes there have been times that things were saifd on FB and people got themselves into trouble but you know what you can take the positive out of it and use it.

    always here

    yogibooboo~ pretty much same here.I have no patience for [long] phone calls, & don’t email for fun (only to forward something good I may have received). FB has re-connected me to old friends & relatives, kept me in touch with friends & loved ones across the seas/coasts (Israel, Hawaii, Cali), & also allowed me to share pix of our family & our simchas. I comment when I want to, but ‘chat’ more here in the CR.

    always here

    Mod~ I thought I deleted this post :/ lo chashuv


    yogibooboo and always here…I couldn’t agree more…I’m very weary of people who want to “ban” things…a ban is used to restrict info and keep people in the dark, so others can keep control of their flock.I’m sorry for being so direct, but that is what a ban is…hence the Egyptian government trying to ban the internet etc…As you both stated above, Facebook can be used for the good. Just learn how to use it properly….it seems like those generating fear have never been on or used Facebook at all…


    a ban is used to restrict info and keep people in the dark, so others can keep control of their flock.

    Depends on the ban.

    A ban on soda is to restrict caloric intake.

    A ban on pornography is to restrict certain images, not information of their existence.


    Being that we’re all online here I just wanted to post this email I got a while ago that really scared me, eveyone PLEASE PLEASE READ AND SEND TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!

    After tossing her books on the sofa, shannon decided to grab a snack and

    get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She

    checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant



    Hi. I’m glad you are on! I thought someone was following me home

    today. It was really weird!


    LOL You watch too much TV. Why would someone be following you?

    Don’t you live in a safe neighborhood?


    Of course I do. LOL I guess it was my imagination cuz’ I didn’t see

    anybody when I looked out.


    Unless you gave your name out on-line. You haven’t done that have you?


    Of course not. I’m not stupid you know.


    Did you have a softball game after school today?


    Yes and we won!!


    That’s great! Who did you play?


    We played the Hornets. LOL. Their uniforms are so gross! They look

    like bees. LOL


    What is your team called?


    We are the Canton Cats. We have tiger paws on our uniforms. They are

    really cool.

    GoTo1 23:

    Did you pitch?


    No I play second base.. I got to go. My homework has to be done before

    my parents get home. I don’t want them mad at me. Bye!


    Catch you later. Bye

    Meanwhile…….GoTo123 went to the member menu and began to search

    for her profile. When it came up, he highlighted it and printed it

    out. He took out a pen and began to write down what he knew about

    Angel so far.

    Her name: Shannon

    Birthday: Jan. 3, 1985

    Age: 13

    State where she lived: North Carolina

    Hobbies: softball, chorus, skating and going to the mall. Besides this

    information, he knew she lived in Canton because she had just told

    him. He knew she stayed by herself until 6:30 p.m. every afternoon

    until her parents came home from work. He knew she played softball on

    Thursday afternoons on the school team, and the team was named the

    Canton Cats. Her favorite number 7 was printed on her jersey. He knew

    she was in the eighth grade at the Canton Junior High School . She had

    told him all this in the conversations they had on- line. He had

    enough information to find her now.

    Shannon didn’t tell her parents about the incident on the way home

    from the ballpark that day. She didn’t want them to make a scene and

    stop her from walking home from the softball games. Parents were

    always overreacting and hers were the worst. It made her wish she was

    not an only child. Maybe if she had brothers and sisters, her parents

    wouldn’t be so overprotective.

    By Thursday, Shannon had forgotten about the footsteps following her.

    Her game was in full swing when suddenly she felt someone staring at

    her. It was then that the memory came back. She glanced up from her

    second base position to see a man watching her closely.

    He was leaning against the fence behind first base and he smiled when

    she looked at him. He didn’t look scary and she quickly dismissed the

    sudden fear she had felt.

    After the game, he sat on a bleacher while she talked to the coach..

    She noticed his smile once again as she walked past him. He nodded and

    she smiled back. He noticed her name on the back of her shirt. He knew

    he had found her.

    Quietly, he walked a safe distance behind her. It was only a few

    blocks to Shannon ‘s home, and once he saw where she lived he quickly

    returned to the park to get his car.

    Now he had to wait. He decided to get a bite to eat until the time

    came to go to Shannon ‘s house. He drove to a fast food restaurant and

    sat there until time to make his move.

    Shannon was in her room later that evening when she heard voices in

    the living room.

    ‘Shannon, come here,’ her father called. He sounded upset and she

    couldn’t imagine why. She went into the room to see the man from the

    ballpark sitting on the sofa.

    ‘Sit down,’ her father began, ‘this man has just told us a most

    interesting story about you.’

    Shannon sat back. How could he tell her parents anything? She had

    never seen him before today!

    ‘Do you know who I am, Shannon ?’ the man asked..

    ‘No,’ Shannon answered.

    ‘I am a police officer and your online friend, GoTo123.’

    Shannon was stunned. ‘That’s impossible! GoTo is a kid my age! He’s

    14. And he lives in Michigan !’

    The man smiled. ‘I know I told you all that, but it wasn’t true. You

    see, Shannon , there are people on-line who pretend to be kids; I was

    one of them. But while others do it to injure kids and hurt them, I

    belong to a group of parents who do it to protect kids from predators.

    I came here to find you to teach you how dangerous it is to talk to

    people on-line. You told me enough about yourself to make it easy for

    me to find you. You named the school you went to, the name of your

    ball team and the position you played. The number and name on your

    jersey just made finding you a breeze.’

    Shannon was stunned. ‘You mean you don’t live in Michigan ?’

    He laughed. ‘No, I live in Raleigh .. It made you feel safe to think I

    was so far away, didn’t it?’

    She nodded.

    ‘I had a friend whose daughter was like you. Only she wasn’t as lucky.

    The guy found her and murdered her while she was home alone.. Kids are

    taught not to tell anyone when they are alone, yet they do it all the

    time on-line. The wrong people trick you into giving out information a

    little here and there on-line. Before you know it, you have told them

    enough for them to find you without even realizing you have done it. I

    hope you’ve learned a lesson from this and won’t do it again. Tell

    others about this so they will be safe too?’

    ‘It’s a promise!’

    That night Shannon and her Dad and Mom all knelt down together and

    thanked God for protecting Shannon from what could have been a tragic



    apparently what i had written in response to your post was never put up. So I will rephrase everything. This post that you posted is irrelevant to facebook and the fact that YWN is on FB. What shychus is there? OK so you were told not to be on FB and that’s it! you cant go and tell people that there are dangers when in reality you dont have to put yourself into that situation. Mike, always and myself explained the good that goes on with FB. Apparently you didnt have a good experience. Please, instead of making others feel bad about being on FB think as to why they are on and the good they are doing on there. You choose who you want to and dont want to be friends with and if you dont know the person you say NO! plain and simple. You can put up many blocks so people cant find you and you can request. Again, dont go saying negativity until you see the positive.


    yogibooboo…I’m not sure you understood my post…I agree qith you 100%…facebook has a lot of good and I love using it…


    i did dont worry…..but you know teens…you gotta explain things differently


    i think that facebook is underrated—- people make such a big deal out of nothing. if someone knows how to use facebook, lock his account and not accept “wienrd” friends then facebook is no threat!!!


    Facebook is the biggest toeivah gathering place for today’s generation.

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