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    hi everyone!

    i was just wondering cuz i want to sign up for zumba classes but then when i told someone they sayd that zumba is not really OK for us in our circles!!

    could you please say your opinion on this!

    btw it was the first time such a thing (that zumba might be qeutionable) was brought to my attention!!



    Time to start the popcorn.


    Hi there, Ruth!

    Whether zumba is ok or is up to you to decide.

    Here are some things for you to think about-

    1. if you dont normally listen to nonjewish music then please dont start now!

    2. all of your actions WILL affect your kids, whether they are alive now, or in the future. Do you want your dancing provocatively to hurt their souls?

    3. in the world to come, will you be ashamed when they play the video of your life and you’re dancing that way?

    a mamin

    TAOM:: +1 your response is fabulous!!!


    No there is nothing wrong with Zumba. It’s probably the style dancing they did on tu bav in the times of the bhmk. If you don’t feel it is inappropriate then why are you asking. If you do think its inappropriate ask a mentor.



    Explain point 2. I sincerely do not understand.


    A mamin-

    Thank you, that is so sweet of you:)


    You’re right, I wasn’t too clear over there. What I meant to say is…. grr I don’t know how to get it out in words. Its basically a shiur by rabbi wallerstein. Spiritual DNA and stuff. Maybe someone else can explain it.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    secularFrummy – That wasn’t what he said. He was talking about whether or not that is where you are at and if it is something you would or would not do in front of your kids or let them know about. For example, if you are someone who would never let your kids know that you are going to movie theaters, than you probably shouldn’t go. If it isn’t something you would have a problem sharing with your kids, than fine. His point was NOT to determine halacha based on those feelings, he was saying that if you are trying to raise your kids a certain way (or students etc) but are not living those rules, than the message does not pass as effectively. It’s like that “do as I say not as I do” rule which doesn’t really work.

    ruthb – if your point in bringing this up was controversy or machlokes, I hope you will reconsider next time.

    interjection – I agree. Except the part about that being how the ladies danced on tu ba’av. I would highly doubt people in those times would do those moves in public. I can barely watch it these days when it’s everywhere.


    The art of moi, I disagree strongly with your post. If there is nothing wrong with doing it, then you don’t care about watching it in shomayim and it doesn’t have any effect on your grandchildren. If anything, it can benefit them – you were busy and tired, but you took the time and put forth the energy to exercise in order to be mekayem v’nishmartem me’od lenafshosaichem. Moreover, you were smart enough to think ahead and realize that you had to choose a fun class so that you would keep coming back even when it gets hard. Even if it was indulgence of a complete ta’ava for prurience, you were careful to do it in a way that was not a michshol to men and was not a chillul hashem. Your grandchildren will be singing!


    How about we close this thread and let the old fight (already linked) speak for itself?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    sam2 – or close them both

    YW Moderator-127


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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