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    i would take a bright red or orange corvette convertible 🙂 actually seriously, my husband took me to a car show when we got married and i loved all those cars it was soooo cool!!!!!!

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    is there another party this year?? happy bday goq!

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    being with my family and friends always makes me happy! and the kinderlach that i teach make me happy. and just looking around my apartment realizing it belongs to me and my husband, and that i have a husband, who is a great guy who does so much for me and is so good to me, who laughs with me, among the million other things he does, that all is a pretty good way to make me happy. and also music, that’s a biggie. and cupcakes, of course (and donuts and cookies and cake and pizza and french fries and hot dogs, and the like)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 even writing about it made me soooo happy!!

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    lol smile e face 🙂 i’ll just email you in case you really don’t come back on here.

    sidi, thank you for asking! I’m doing well Baruch Hashem! enjoying vacation, while it lasts, and preparing to embark on the journey of yet another year teaching 🙂 im excited, but can’t believe summer is already over…shout out to me and my better half on today being the Hebrew anniversary of our engagement!! its been a great year BH!

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    and what about middlepath? zeesekeit?? yankdownunder? all these guys?? are they still on here?? have i really been gone for THAT long??? sniff sniff ;(

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