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    It is quite difficult to imagine what other people might get stressed out about. Perhaps on one person’s plate, the meat dishes are a huge expense, yet a part of the fragile fabric of someone’s sholem bayis. For some, a terrorist attack is the least of their immediate, personal worries. We need not assume that we are all alike, because compassion would therefore not be called for.

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    Dear ADHD and any other ADHDers out there in the frum world,
    Yes, all that you say is true of many people with ADHD, although there are many aspects to the ADHD personality, and many of us/them out there are suffering and/or succeeding in many different ways.
    There are real tools that can help, and it means wanting to help ourselves, even if we can’t focus long enough to get the help we need. But when it is taking over one’s life (which with the right tools it doesn’t have to be that way) you must decide to do real hishtadlus in order to not lose what is dear to you and learn to repair relationships in the process of acquiring these skills. But it is always best if our families realize that they can be on board through the healing process. is a very helpful place.

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    Parents of ADHD children know that help is needed in order to guide these kids to be able to learn essential life skills as well as use their strengths to reach their potential as a frum Jew. Torah Parent Coach is a good resource,

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    Not suggesting to “leave them as is” at all! ADHDers need and want to learn skills, techniques, lifestyle changes and how to self-regulate under many types of circumstances. Comparing someone with ADHD to autism is really not getting the inyan at all–some of our most amazing community members, enterpreneurs, askanim, rebbies, minhalim, teachers and talmidei chachamim are using their ADHD properly to make the world a better and more interesting place.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)