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    yitayningwut- thanks!:)

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    thanks!! and where can I find the Pagi minyan?

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    Hashem wants:

    1. Whenever we have problems and challenges, and this is certainly one, they are an impetus to turn to God and beseech Him and through that to come close to Him.

    2. God wants to bestow His goodness in this world; we need to recognize Him as the source of all goodness and beseech Him for that goodness. That allows the channels to open up and the goodness to flow from heaven.

    To all wives:

    3. You must compliment all his successes and any progress.

    4. “but, if you would improve a bit more….” is destructive.

    6. Whenever want to say negative, say positive.

    5. Tell him how much u appreciate everything he is doing.

    7. You must your feminine bina yiteirah to make sure that he never perceives of you as nag and that you you only build him up. The cruelest thing a wife can do is nag her husband.

    8. Always show respect and honor no matter what. He needs your respect and support.

    9. Should always be speaking in sweet loving voice.

    10. Be tolerant.

    12. Be the emotional support in his life always.

    13. The only way he’ll change is if his love grows for u.

    14. Believe in him. He needs you to believe he is trying hard and he’s a good man.

    17. He is under so much pressure and so many demands are being made of him. The one place he doesn’t need to feel more pressure is at home.

    20. Give him your love, not your demands.

    21. Derech Eretz! this means not only being poilite and good manners, but also to avoid anger, impatience, sadness, ect.!

    Suggestions for you both:

    “One cannot start one’s day with enthusiasm unless they end the night with enthusiasm.”

    24. Show him ur zest.

    25. Look good.

    26. Invite him to join you for a brisk exercise walk.

    27. Kosher gym.

    28. Play a game (Rummikub, Poker,..).

    30. Watch sunrise.

    32. Tell him to teach you how to sing.

    33. Learn French.

    34. Chevruta (chofetz chaim daily, parsha..).

    35. Tell something u learned. how did it change you? What did you learn about living?

    Suggestions for your husband on other ways to spend his time:

    36. Write articles.

    37. Write a sefer.

    38. Tutor someone.

    Hashem has 7 qualities which enable us to put

    our trust in Him:

    1. Hashem loves me.

    2. Hashem is with me wherever I happen to be,

    and He is always ready to help me.

    3. Hashem is stronger and smarter than everyone

    in the world, and He can find solutions to problems

    that seem impossible to solve.

    4. Hashem knows what is best for me, even better

    than I myself know.

    5. Hashem has helped me many times in the past,

    and just as He did, He will help me again now.

    6. Hashem has total control over everything, and

    nobody other than Him can do anything to help or

    harm me without Hashem’s permission.

    7. Hashem wants and seeks to do chessed, more

    than the most wonderful and kindhearted person

    I can imagine.

    Rabenu Be’Chai- Chovot Hallevavot- Shaar


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