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    Re: Sam2: I’m sure this fellow is a Tinuk Shenishbu, We should never Judge him until we are in his place, he could of had a hard life in the past, maybe no Love, caring, etc…..

    Bruchi G

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    One cannot convert from Judaism, if you born a Jew you stay a Jew. so obviously this guy selling his Olam Habah has something to sell. i’m not sure if one can sell his share.

    My optimistic point of view.

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    1) Wash your face with a very gentle cleanser fitted to your skin type. If you have oily skin, try an oil free cleanser, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, look for a gentle cleanser.

    2) Use a moisturizer all over your face. For oily skin, buy an oil free or gel moisturizer, and for dry skin buy a more nourishing one. Make sure if you have oily skin, the moisturizer has a “matte” look to it. Make sure to get a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 in it to protect you skin from the sun, or a separate SPF 45 if you live in a sunny place. If you are older, you can use a moisturizer with anti-wrinkle properties.

    3) Primer is key: A primer is the trick to having make up that stays throughout the whole day. An excellent choice is a primer by either ‘Estee Lauder’ or ‘Smashbox’ as these two brands definitely help to keep your make up intact, while keeping in the nutrients from your moisturizer. Another which is favoured by make-up artists everywhere is by ‘MAC’. Some primers can get a little pricey but they are almost always the better ones-plus, you don’t need to use very much for a good finish. Apply the primer throughout your face, especially over sore, red areas, oily areas, and any blemishes that you want to cover. A cheaper alternative for oily skin would be the L’Oreal: Studio Secrets Mattifying Primer. It’s cheaper yet just as effective. This is also a great primer for keeping the shine off your face all day.

    4) Use an eye primer, Urban Decay has a very good and popular one. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and prevents creasing in the lid. Also, it makes colors seem more vibrant and less translucent. A liquid concealer would work for this also. When dealing with eyeliner(pencil), you can also try using the same colored eyeshadow to also “set” in in a way that setting powder helps foundation last longer.

    5) Do not waste money on mascara primer. Just get some waterproof or smudge proof mascara. They work just as well. Mascara primer weighs down your eyelashes, making them look shorter. Do buy a waterproof mascara, it will last longer and won’t budge if you happen to get wet or cry. Just make sure you don’t sleep with it, as it will clump and make your lashes fall off.

    6) Use a Translucent setting powder. It’s simply a clear or very lightly tinted face powder that sets and mattifies your face without the added cakeyness (or coverage) of a coloured powder. A drugstore one will work just as well as one from a high-end brand.

    7) If you don’t want to use a liquid foundation, you should get a mineral powder instead of foundation. This gives lighter coverage then liquid, but it will also trap fewer bacteria in your skin and will allow your face to breath

    8) For lip color use a long-wear but make sure to moisturize your lips properly before applying as long-wear is very drying.

    9) Apply your make up as normal.

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