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    dont equate looking shluchy with being more religious or more bais yakov. if there is a permissible way to apply makeup – then its like anything else for which we find heteirim. it’s individual’s choice to avail oneself.

    all the ideas for layering it on thick HELPS. liquid eye-liner OVER the crayon and lip liner on the entire lip under whatever else.while the lips will fade daily – the eye make-up stays. USE A STRAW for drinks and soup – helps immensely.

    when girls are our guests -we put staws at their settings!

    and yes – let’s concentrate on bein adom lechaveiro – thats the key to all.why were the dor hambul destroyed and the dor haflaga saved? cuz even though dor haflaga wanted to chas veshalom make a milchemes Hashem -they had achdus. DOr hamabul on the other hand -had no such awful goal- but their bein adam lechaveiro was found disgusting by Hashem.

    If someone is looking for a “kosher” way to apply or keep make-up and look presentable for a three-day yom tov – BE PROUD!

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