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    What can you do over a 3-day yom tov if you hold that Shabbos Makeup is not permitted?

    I’m thinking of using loose powder this time, since it’s the same thing as baby powder that we’re allowed to use, texture-wise. Is this worth asking about?

    I also have used Forever Makeup, which lasts longer than anything else but isn’t enough for a 3-day Yom Tov.

    Any advice would be great!


    I don’t know the answer to your question, but want to remind that makeup is only for married women (or before a date) for in the home.


    Dear Helpful-

    This is a personal opinion, not a halacha. Furthermore, your response does very little to answer the question posed. If there is an answer out there to this very good question, I sure would like to hear it. One should look their best L’kavod Shabbos and Yom Tov.

    Ben Torah

    The Gemorah in Shabbos 62b says that a reason for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was women used excessive cosmetics, and that a women should care about her appearance for the purposes of not being repulsive to her husband.


    There are many many reasons different people need to wear makeup. Let’s stay on topic.


    Thank you Asinburt. An answer to this question would also help many women avoid being mechallel shabbos and yom tov – I know I look for every kulah in this area and struggle with it, because it’s so hard when you’re in shiduchim to not feel pressured to always look your best.

    Ben Torah

    Its okay to wear makeup ON a date. There isn’t a justification to wear it all the time because you are in shidduchim.


    Ben Torah et al. – It’s very easy for a man to say that, since you don’t have the problem. Women feel better when they look better and not looking good can really disturb my simcha. Let me hear from a woman whose skin doesn’t always look perfect. I really don’t want this to be about the problem, but finding a solution.

    Brooklyn Yenta

    helpful and bentorah, you have got to be kidding. there is no excuse to be metzaer the klal by NOT wearing a bit of makeup. that’s not to say that anyone should be overdoing it, but just a bit for your own self respect. tasteful & classy is the way to go.

    Sister Bear

    If you sleep staring up at the ceiling it stays on for longer. I don’t know if for the whole 3 days. I know people who did it till the second day but I didn’t see them on the 3rd day so I don’t know if it still worked.

    Have a good Yom Tov and good luck!

    Brooklyn Yenta

    oh, and my advice about the actual QUESTION: use concealer under eyeshadow, waterproof liquid eyeliner & mascara, and for lips use a few layers of lipfinity, outlast, or superstay (different companies). and btw, when you see a post like this, frum men should STAY AWAY!


    I always spray my face with hairspray. I know it sounds gross, but it REALLY works, everyone always tells me that I look like I just applied it.


    sorta the same thing-

    hair for a unmarried woman for a three day yuntif

    what would you do with curly frizzy hair so it still looks nice for shabbos?



    BrooklynYenta- thank you. re lipstick – olive oil helps a bit.

    sisterbear: i’ve done that but find it really stressful.

    lol: That’s a great and creative solution! Unfortunately those of us with sensitive skin can’t risk that… I’m going to try that on a day that is not Yom Tov to see what happens, it sounds like a great idea.


    what is left: I have a friend with curly frizzy hair that always looks good and not frizzy, she told me she puts in mousse and makes it curly on purpose. If you embrace the curls they’re easier to deal with than if you are trying to straighten it.


    “The Gemorah in Shabbos 62b says that a reason for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was women used excessive cosmetics,”

    And here I was thinking all these years that is was because of sinas chinam! Or were Kamtza and Bar Kamtza women…?

    My HELPFUL answer about this question is to layer your makeup very carefully before yom tov, put concealer on, then, makeup foundation, then powder to set it. For eyes, use a cream-based shadow, then powder in the same color over it (a couple of layers, and use a neutral shade), then there is a lash-tint by Revlon (I think) that stays on a couple of days, and liner should be layered on a few times. The first night will look overly-done maybe, but it will wear away. And if you CAN sleep face up (I can’t), it will stay on longer. Blush should also be cream, then blush powder and loose powder over all. For lips, use a good lipliner to actually color in your lips, then a long-lasting liptint or CoverGirl Outlast type lip color over that, followed by lipstick. Try to eat carefully. Best to use as neutral a color as looks good on you.


    Model In A Bottle (!!!) The best product I have ever tried for keeping on makeup (but I have easy skin B”H). Its kinda like lip-chick but for your whole face, it comes in a spray bottle. I’ve always ordered it online, not sure if stores sell it…

    Also, whatever you can get a primer for, get it and use it! It may be a bit pricey but it works and it is well worth it for 3 day Yom Tovs. (Sephora carries everything)

    3 LAYERS! you may look like a clown the first nite, you will be glad the rest of Y”T.

    Hope this helps, Good Yom Tov!

    Ben Torah

    You can look good without makeup, just like Bais Yaakov girls do.


    First of all, like many already said I sleep face up even though I end up having a restless night. Also, the first night I coat myself until I look like a clown and eventually it wears off. I put on layers and layers of everything. Also when putting in and taking out contacts, try not to hold open your eye so your mascara, eye liner and eye shadow don’t mess up. When drinking water or eating soup try to keep your lips from getting wet or oily because it will come right off. That’s what I do and anyways, by the third day of yom tov nobody expects you to look too great. For all those who asked about the hair, don’t touch it too much and put in baby powder every night to keep it from getting oily.


    Make aliyah, so at most you would only have to worry about it if Rosh Hashana comes out on Thursday/Friday.


    ben torah: you’re a guy, cannot understand girls, etc.

    to actually answer what you said, i’m considered very very high level bais yaakov, yeshivishe, whatever, and i wear make-up. and yes, i like looking pretty, i feel better that way. when i know i’m coming in contact with boys (not for a date) i tone it down a bit – but i wear make-up.

    and my rebbetzin wears make-up.

    obviously not all those creams and powders and what have you that oomis was talking about (btw oomis, that sounded to me a bit over the top, could be i’m wrong.), but a woman does not want to look ‘schluchy’ no matter where and what stage of life she’s in.

    and i’ll agree with you that a woman/girl can look pretty without make-up, but MOST of us, including shpitz bais yaakov girls, are not (yet) and maybe never will be, on that level.

    so please.



    “You can look good without makeup, just like Bais Yaakov girls do”

    And many of those BY girls need the help of makeup, or they look washed out. The makeup I was talking about stays on pretty well. The cream stuff helps the powder to adhere better, and it wears away little by little, so it really stays for a long time. yes, the first nioght you might look a little overdone, but it’s worth it for the next day.


    Baby powder works on dark hair? Doesn’t it leave it looking whitish?



    I bought model in a bottle and was very disappointed. I was wondering if you don’t have this problem:

    After a few hrs, my makeup wears off, and only the parts of my face that got spritzed from the spray, end up staying with makeup.

    I do try to spray all over, but I still end up with blotches of makeup on the next day, and the rest of my makeup is shvitzed away.


    dunno-yeah, happened to me this y”t. I ask someone to brush off my hair if it still looks gray in the morning but usually unless I put in toooonz it looks fine.


    Smartcookie- the trick is to do it from arms length to ensure that you get an even mist that evenly coats your whole face (also, I do every possible spot, more than once 😉 )

    mischeifmaker – there is a product called Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. It is similar to baby powder but it doesnt make your hair grey and it smells great and since its shampoo it freshen your hair as well.


    I’m also a single girl and can’t suggest too much about makeup cuz my “philosophy” is “less is more”. But on the three day thing, doesn’t everyone realize that on the third day of a three day Yom Tov, most people, unless someone was given supernatural hair and skin, will not look their best?! Someone once told me when a person stains an outfit on Shabbos, they should not think of it as a stain but rather like a badge of honor. They spilled something on themselves, has a yetzer hara to clean it, but they overcame it! Same thing with this, do what you can in advance to make the makeup last, but bottom line, it probably wont. And assuming that it wont, go out with a big smile on your face because even though your face might not look perfect, you are doing just what you’re supposed to be.

    (again, I am not from the biggest make up users, but I definitely understand the want to look good.)



    Thanks sacrilege- will try that. I usually do it from much closer than arms length.

    Sister Bear

    My friend just told me about the spray (they sell it in Sephora) that keeps your make-up on. Does it really work? Can you re-apply it after the 20 hrs. and it’ll still work? Are you able to put it on, on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

    But yeah, by the third day, most people don’t look their best in terms on make-up and hair.


    Smartcookie – your welcome. I hope that helps. I think when its done to close it comes out like a stream instead of a mist and it isnt even and therefore seals your makeup blotchy.



    “Its okay to wear makeup ON a date. There isn’t a justification to wear it all the time because you are in shidduchim.”

    Who says wearing makeup requires a “justification”?


    “”The Gemorah in Shabbos 62b says that a reason for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was women used excessive cosmetics,”

    And here I was thinking all these years that is was because of sinas chinam! Or were Kamtza and Bar Kamtza women…?”

    Well apparently, the Gemora says there was more than one reason. Not sure why this got such a sarcastic reaction from you…

    “”You can look good without makeup, just like Bais Yaakov girls do”

    And many of those BY girls need the help of makeup, or they look washed out.”

    No, they don’t need makeup, because their self-confidence is at the point where they don’t feel the need to wear it. It’s those who feel “schluchy” (whatever that means) without makeup who need to wear it to feel good about themselves.


    Why would anyone want to wear make-up that will last 3 days? It is so unhealthy and bad for your skin.


    Saftala- when you do it once or twice a year (on a three day yom tov), its OK.


    thanx sacrilege but how do you use it? You leave it in and it takes out the oil?


    Let’s face it, 3 days will kill anyone’s face. But waterproof Mabelline masquera does work somewhat. This past week I put on a deep color lipstick erev Yom Tov, followed by gloss/sealer, and it still was off by the end of the seudah. Oh well, I certainly wasn’t alone.



    What texture is the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo? You’re allowed to put it on on Shabbos/Yom Tov? It doesn’t ruin blow dried hair?


    Mischeifmaker – honestly I am not a hundred percent sure, the powder varietal is kind of like a course powder, and you rub it in at the scalp and then – if you need it – move downwards on the actual hair. My guess would be that the powder absorbs the oil and because its actual “dry shampoo” when you rub it in it prob activates and freshens up.

    Dunno – It comes in 2 forms, 1 is a powder and 1 is a spray. I have the powder form, I think you would have to ask your LOR if it is ok for you to use. I have friends/family members alot more yeshivish/machmir than I who use it but I stopped just because I felt weird using it on Shabbos….


    Any idea which works better – spray or powder? Thanks for your help.


    Thank you everyone for all the helpful suggestions! Now I’m excited for another yom tov just to try them out!

    What about Shabbos makeup – does anyone use that?



    does your face get all sticky ang grose when u hairspray your hair???? or does it get oily??

    *i put a slip on my pillow and it prevents your make up from coming off when u sleep….i found that that helpd a lot!!!!!!


    Personally, I’d be terrified to spray hairspray on my face. Couldn’t it be very dangerous if it gets in your eyes?


    awob: you keep ur eyes closed.

    I’d like to try the Model in a Bottle stuff before that, though… it seems safer. But if the ingredients are the same as hairspray than why not?


    pascha – I’ve heard about shabbos makeup… My Rebbi’s in High School weren’t big fans so I’ve never touched the stuff but again ask your LOR.

    Actually when the suggestion of hairspray came up, it kind of made sense. It smells similar to the Model In A Bottle and for the first few seconds it does burn a little. I wonder if its not the same stuff, hmmmm…


    “Well apparently, the Gemora says there was more than one reason. Not sure why this got such a sarcastic reaction from you…”

    Really? Maybe because I am tired of all the ills of Klal Yisroel continuously being attributed to something that WOMEN have done. Every bad thing that happens apparently is because of something women are or are not doing. I don’t buy it. Men need to take responsibility for their actions that are delaying Mashiach from coming.

    The Gemarah clearly states that it was sinas chinam that was responsible for the Churban. To make a moral equivalency between the wearing of cosmetics by womem (whose nature is to want to wear cosmetics to look pretty)with the extreme evil of sinas chinam, is unfair, to say the least. Even if a rov in the Gemarah said such a thing about women, I would rather be in a roomful of women wearing a lot of makeup, than with even one nasty-minded person.

    Somehow, in my heart I believe Hashem cares much less about lipstick, than people’s interactions. The many halachos we have referring to mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro would seem to validate the idea that He very much cares about people who are mean to each other, enough to have destroyed our B”HM because of those actions.

    so right

    oomis: It is the Gemorah who makes that moral equivalence of sinas chinam and too much cosmetics both bringing about the churban bais hamikdash.

    Are you equally perturbed that the Torah blames women for bringing death to the world?


    sacrilege: That’s so interesting. Does Model in a bottle say the ingredients, maybe we can find out now? Could you post the ingredients?

    so right:

    The difference is what you focus on. Yeshaya HaNavi describes the lack of modesty in women that led to the churban. Men are also blamed, for marrying non-Jewish women.

    As a man, you can choose to focus on what YOU have to work on – ie, sinas chinam, shmiras einayim, limud Torah, and bring Moshiach. You can also make sure your wife and children know what is right. Or, you can just say that women are to blame, and excuse yourself from any responsibility.

    Chazal also say that women reflect men. It’s your responsibility to make sure that what we reflect is positive!! If you are the sun and we are the moon, who is to blame when the moon isn’t so lichtig?


    oomis: i don’t know that Hashem ‘cares’ more about one thing than another. eilu v’eilu divrei Elokim chayim – (i’m making this interpretation up) Hashem doesn’t allow us to hate people for no reason, and also doesn’t allow us to be untzniusdig. now the question that remains is really not what Hashem cares about (b/c we really don’t know and can’t say), but if the lipstick is tznius or not.

    but “it is the Gemorah who makes that moral equivalence of sinas chinam and too much csmetcs both bringing about the churban bais hamikdash”

    so i guess there’s your answer.

    i just like playing devil’s advocate. 🙂


    dont equate looking shluchy with being more religious or more bais yakov. if there is a permissible way to apply makeup – then its like anything else for which we find heteirim. it’s individual’s choice to avail oneself.

    all the ideas for layering it on thick HELPS. liquid eye-liner OVER the crayon and lip liner on the entire lip under whatever else.while the lips will fade daily – the eye make-up stays. USE A STRAW for drinks and soup – helps immensely.

    when girls are our guests -we put staws at their settings!

    and yes – let’s concentrate on bein adom lechaveiro – thats the key to all.why were the dor hambul destroyed and the dor haflaga saved? cuz even though dor haflaga wanted to chas veshalom make a milchemes Hashem -they had achdus. DOr hamabul on the other hand -had no such awful goal- but their bein adam lechaveiro was found disgusting by Hashem.

    If someone is looking for a “kosher” way to apply or keep make-up and look presentable for a three-day yom tov – BE PROUD!


    Bubbeh: dont equate looking shluchy with being more religious or more bais yakov.

    thank you. “Ra’uyin l’bnei Yisrael l’hiyos na’im” as Rashi says – “It is fitting that Bnei Yisrael should be pleasant looking”.


    Am I the only person around that doesn’t use any makeup?

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