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    That’s a good point Zalman. I got specific permission from my Rebbi due to what I do, but most Yeshiva Bochurim (and beyond) don’t have internet, either because of hashkafa reasons, or just for the pragmatic reason of, well, they’re in Yeshiva/Kollel, whatever. So most people who have it WILL be those who aren’t as ehrlich.

    (Necessary disclaimers:

    1. I said most, not all

    2. Ehrlich doesn’t mean keeping all the chumras, it means caring about what Hashem wants and asking yourself, “how would Hashem want me to act in this scenario?” instead of “What does strict Halacha say so that I can do that and nothing else?”)

    But the other reality is that Rav Mattisyahu Solomon said in Monsey that the time will come when the internet is as necessary as a phone, and we must prepare for it. That doesn’t mean everyone should get it, but it does mean that everyone should know what it is, how to use it safely, etc. and not act like it’s poison. It’s not like TV which is purely entertainment, and it shouldn’t be treated the same.

Viewing 101 post (of 101 total)