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    I felt compelled to reply due to the ignorance most people have about home births.

    According to the world Health Organization Home births are safer than hospital births. In Holland over 40% of births take place at home.

    Home births are only appropriate in low risk situations and should be attended by a certified highly experienced midwife and assistant.

    Home births are safer because birth is allowed to progress in a natural way with very little, if any intervention.In hospitals they try to speed up the delivery for many reasons, such as they need the room for the next patient.

    In a home environment the birthing mom is more at ease which contributes to a smoother process.

    Safer for infant as baby is only exposed to germs that mom is immune to and not exposed to dangerous germs that only exist in hospitals.

    Before considering a home birth make sure that it suits your situation, do research and plan it out down to the last detail.

    Yes I did a home birth after several hospital births and I don’t regret it at all. I would definitely consider it next time around B”H. I was able to do whatever I pleased without having to advocate for myself every 5 minutes and wasting precious energy on that,and also delivered in water which is illegal in hospitals where I reside.

    I also felt that I was able to tap into the spiritual side of child birth (daven) due to being in my own home and having lots of privacy. My neighbors had no idea what was taking place and only found out that we had a baby the next day.

    My kids took it really well as I was very matter-of-fact about it with them before it. No specs. just that they should be prepared that a midwife will come when the baby is due to arrive.

    One of the best parts was that I was able to be in my own bed to recuperate and no one disturbed me (nurses,roommates, cleaning personnel, visitors…)

    in reply to: OUTRAGES?! Violence in Jerusalem #650528

    I strongly disagree with violence but in this case that askanim and family members were trying to settle for a week in a civilized manner this is being used as a last resort because this is the language these Sonei Yisrael understand. There are too many obvious unanswered questions that raise many red flags and it seems somebody (doctors, hospitals )have a serious agenda. Even the Police chief Franco doesn’t understand why this woman is being held prisoner when things in such cases are normally handled in a more civilized manner.

    To YW Moderator-39 did you check out the Jpost video of “riots” in Jerusalem. It looks pretty peaceful to me besides for a few burning garbage bins.

    Regarding the disconnecting of the IV- it was a feeding tube not an IV that’s number one, number 2 the hospital did not release the video for some reason, number 3 it is not unusual to disconnect a feeding tube in order to change child’s position. Number 4 the Ynet reported that child’s hair is falling out due to malnutrition, based on the families report (hydepark) the child was being treated with chemotherapy. Very suspicious on the Hospital’s report.

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