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    lol on the joke

    and Ray,

    Now believe me you, Rabbis work a great deal harder than you for a living, and don’t even ask how hard it is for kollel yingaleit. :-O

    but anyways, with me, If someone calls me Mr. ____ , i’m like “nah, Mr. ___ is my father” 😉

    and dont any of you guys call me Mr Eyebrows

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    My Rebbeim always said goyish music affects your neshama and its really bad even if you dont feel it, and at the time i thought it was a load of bull..logna (balogna). but within a year i saw what they said was true.

    A classmate of mine in yeshiva (sophomore year) started listening to goyish music partly through the year. I was with him when he went to a friends house and downloaded a bunch of shmutz music on his mp3.

    He rationalized “it’s not so bad listening to music”. And at the time, that’s all he did do. No more no less.

    Sorry for the tangeant, back to the topic. So please don’t listen to some of the earlier posters that lack moach bekodkodan and take the TREMENDOUS responsibility of hinting another heiligh jew that “whats wrong with listening to goyish music?” even an innocent question (“what, i didnt tell them to go do it i was just asking”) is wrong, especially in reply to someone looking for help to overcome this terrible nisayon that plagues some of us.

    Tell you the truth, i used to listen to goyish music myself. (may Hashem forgive me) Dont think i’m an FFB Rabbi that doesnt even know what goyish music means. Noopers, I’m still a teenager but BH i wised up about my outlook on life.

    And with all honesty, even though i’ve gone through it all (rap, hip hop, techno, core, reggae, rock, punk, goth rock) I can say with all my heart that none of them have left me with feeling a sense of happiness. With the happy dance music, it was nice to groove to the beat, but when its done i would always be more down than before. And don’t even ask about rock or rap that give you negative emotions even while listening to it! ROFL (^_^)

    So the way i helped myself from listening to this poisonous material to the neshama, was that i would listen to touching jewish songs that really made me feel closer to HaShem. Like i personally liked D’veykus, and also some happy songs thanking HaShem for what he’s given us. And if you prefer to help with your transition, i listened to this one awesome Jewish rock song “Mimamakim”, and i’d walk into the Bais Midrash screaming “Nafshi LaShem mishomerim, shomrim Labokerrrr, Whoaahhh!!!!” :-O …lol

    I also enjoy classical music.

    The main effect comes from bad lyrics, but there also comes from style and feelings put into it when it was written. So it is also highly recommended to make sure that the composer didn’t have bad kavonos or hirhurim put into the song or else that is also transferred into the song. I know it sounds like wogie woogie, hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo, but really, music is the language of the neshama and it touches straight from the maker to the listener.

    But that’s for advanced people later on, while most of us have bigger problems than listening to romantic classical music. (at least i’ll speak for myself.)

    the main benefit i get in this world (in addition to olam haba) from listening to jewish meaningful music is the real menuchas hanefesh i get from listening to it. When i used to listen to goyish music i would feel that it’s so lame and stupid to listen to that jewish music. But now i realize how the music really affects your emotions and feelings, and i would see clearly that friends of mine who listened to goyish music would really repeat manuvaldik lyrics about taivah and doing really inappropriate things that would make me feel disgusted. It is totally true, when a person is in the filth he can’t see it for what it is. He even thinks its chashuv and awesome, and the best way to live their life. Only an objective onlooker can see and pity what has become of this person wallowing in filth.

    i highly recommend what some of the people above me said, like talking about it to someone who eally cares about you, like someone said, and also look for fun kosher alternatives to uplift you instead of this tumahdikke stuff.

    so all in all, i’m sorry for making a whole drasha, but seeing another yiddishe neshama that is innocently asking for help with this serious problem touched a chord in me, and i wanted to say whatever i could to help. Hatzlacha and Shalom

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