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    Just saying the new style that men have of very tight pants that also leaves nothing to imagination is held to be assur by the same gedolim who hold 4 inches to be asser.

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    Everything about appearances has to work for that particular couple. If there is a boy who wouldn’t be able to think a brunets is beautiful then do all brunets a favor and don’t marry one. Also a boy has to see the girl before he marries her because a boy is very rarely able to look past appearances whereas girls are that actually gives girls the upper hand because it gives you more options. the other thing that evens the score is that each boy must marry a girl (l’halacha) so in order for a boy to get married a girl also has to.

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    It does seem to be our manhigims only connection to it 🙂

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    There really is no shidduch crisis we are experiencing a huge lack of emunah gone public crisis. people talk stupidity about a boy doing “hishtadlus” so a girl can get married or more boys then girls even though there are older single boys!! I will repeat that in case you missed it but it is true that there are older single boys! also in my not so humble opinion the cause of the “shidduch crisis” and any other jewish crisis is the churban. May we be zoche to see the beis hamikdash rebuilt speedily and in our days.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)