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    Philosopher…I back you!
    All I did for the painful chest of mine and the cough was taking fresh garlic, putting in a pot with water, let it boil for a nice while. I turned it into a tea. Took one gulp and I immediately felt a soothing sensation as the garlicy tea went down. (It didn’t taste that bad…and i dont like garlic)
    (I tried tea without garlic, it didn’t do that)
    Philosopher is not saying it is a cure, they are simply giving you something to ease the discomfort. (And maybe. It is hard to sleep with a heavy chest and a annoying cough. Stop with all the need for proof that it works!!
    Actually from a medical standpoint…garlic when not aged contains Allicin…which is a compound that boosts the immune system. Garlic has been known to help infections as well.
    So maybe, (that maybe is underlined ) it could even help cure…but that is not what interests me:)

    All this ona’as devarim is definitely very conducive for eradicating the problem. Worse then the actual virus is the way some of you people speak. You can disagree all you want, just put a bit of machshava in to the things you are writing. Worse then the unpleasant aroma of garlic is the rotten middos that some of you display. Just because you are anonymously posting doesn’t make you truly anonymous. You are a member of Klal Yisroel and every thing you write, whether we know who you are or not is a chillul Hashem. Fellow Yidden, please!! A bit of thought. I know some people rile you up with what they say, and you so cant stand anything but truth, calm down before responding. You look so unintelligent.

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