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    b”h the winter zman is starting and we will all have something to do very soon instead of debating age old issues that aren’t going to change!!!! a gutten vinter and a gutten shabbos to all

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    the truth is if you ask your sons rebbe how many months off the kids should have he will tell on1 not two!!! In eretz yisroel all the chadarim go till 9th of av!!! maybe thats why the israeli kids are so much more advanced when it comes to limud hatorah!!!!

    this is not a new thing it’s been going on for years!!! the problem is the mothers are no better!!!!! this is what these girls see in their home so that is how they dress. I lived in such a neighborhood in eretz yisroel and always thought how do these husbands let these girls out of their house? then when the parents came it all became clear!!! the other problem is have you been to the stores now in flatbush most of them don’t sell any tzniusdik clothing!!!! so what can these girls do!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)