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    When you start talking to yourself because you feel when you talk to your spouse you are falling on deaf ears… They do say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness…lol

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    Patience is a virtue, you learn that hard and fast around this place..lol

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    Wait it out a little. It doesn’t seem that much longer..:)

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    methinks “says me”is popa…

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    Corey, ain tropis laarayos , there’s no gates when it comes to arayos.

    If your a single guy, Don’t do it. Shmiras einayim is very important in yeshiva out of yeshiva doesn’t make a diffi Tzniyus still stands.. Even if the teenage girls are much younger than you… We learn this from Yitzchok and rivkas marriage…

    Sometimes people just think about the mitzvah of hachnsas orchim and don’t take other factors into account.

    Especially if they have been married for a long time these things sort of fade off a persons mind…

    I love how this topic was started only a day ago & the amount of posters flocking to this topic… Corey I guess your title was a good choice 😉

    Please note here Corey does not mean any harm with his threads. It’s a certain mentality alot of you guys are not used to;) that’s why alot of people with this sort of mentality are getting blocked. I havn’t been posting long however I’ve done my research… Besides which everyone has their writing styles and should be respected for their very right to be their own (person) poster..lol


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)