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    I am just roaring in here for one last time under this login (which I would request also be closed once this post goes up) to note that is NOT Neturei Karta. Therefore, any comments about the actions of “NK” on this thread are moot. Satmar roundly condemned the Teheran visit and NK and their events are in de facto cherem in official Satmar.

    As I suspected from the beginning, and as confirmed by his E-mail address, Rabbi Kraus is a member of Natrina (SP) which is a Satmar based organization and totally opposed to the actions of those who call themselves Neturei Karta (especially the self named NK of Monsey who run another site altogether).

    So, there was no debate with “Rabbi A. Kraus of Neturei “Karata” (sic).” There was a debate with a very learned Satmarer Chossid named Rabbi A. Kraus, who was putting forth the famed “Satmarer shitta” on Zionism and the state.

    For the record, besides my lack of desire to participate in any more online debates, my own opposition to the present medine in EY is not based on the Three Oaths (although I have much common ground with those who hold by the Three Oaths) but rather on the actions of its misleaders, so that except to point out that this is NOT a debate against Neturei Karta, I have no real interest in this matter.

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