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    ICOT, that’s not true! Hashem’s incomprehensible genius runs everything- sometimes it’s clearly unnatural, and sometimes it’s seemingly natural, but it’s always amazing! I like to look at nature to find the wonders of Hashem’s creations, it gives me comfort to know He’s looking out for me 🙂 Please share your stories of hashgocha protis with us!

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    BPTotty, thanks for reminding me to visit my parents yesterday 🙂 And I love what you wrote about every day miracles. We should look for Hashem in every day miracles, because you can find Him wherever you look.

    kapusta, great story! That’s finding Hashem in every situation! You saved $100 here and you acknowledge it’s from Hashem. How many times in business do we see Yad Hashem? What about every time we shop, whether it be for food or clothes, or even luxuries? It’s so comforting to know that He’s the one controling the cash. A rich father gives a sense of security, even when he witholds allowance.

    mepal, among my favorite pesukim in that perek are Tza’aku vaHashem shamea umikol tzarosam hitzilam and <Karov Hashem lenishberei lev ve’es dackei ruach yoshea. And especially, Zeh ani kara vaHashem shamea umikol tzarosav hoshio. In my tehillim it also says that this perek is good “leylech laderech”. I also noticed that the perakim are in alphabetical order. I wonder if that has any significance. One thing I’ve definitely learned from this, is the timelessness of the pesukim in all of tehillim. You can say any perek and feel like it’s exactly what you want to say.

    da, sorry, no tissues, but here’s a smile instead 🙂

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    Writing my story was a very difficult and emotional experience for me, and it took me several days of constantly thinking about it, writing, and rewriting. There’s no way to really give over what it was like for me, but I felt the responsibility to at least give over what I could, you know what I mean?

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    thank you everyone for your kind words 🙂

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    When I was in high school, only 17 years old, my life changed forever.

    I experienced a rebirth. An awakening.

    On a beautiful spring day, I set out on a fun filled shopping excursion with a couple of friends. We had money to burn and closets to fill. No better way to spend a day, right?

    How did I get here?

    Where are my friends?

    G-d, are they crying? Why are they screaming?

    Slowly, the numbness in my body began to fade and I started feeling the pain. My jaws and teeth were the first to start hurting. I guess they were clenched during the impact. Then the achiness started in all different parts of my body. I felt like I had been beaten up.

    Then I noticed the blood.

    Blood was dripping onto the ground in front of my face, forming a small puddle under me.

    Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad!

    Please let me live!

    Oh why did I waste my life? What have I done?

    Oh what am I going to show Hashem? What have I done in my life? I need a zechus! I need to get into Gan Eden.

    Oh what will I say? What can I show?

    At this point I was frantically searching through my memories searching for something special, some good deed that will save me, some defense to get me into Gan Eden. I could find none. All the things that I had always thought made me special were utterly useless to me. All the pieces of me that I thought were so important were pathetically inadequate. I realized at that moment how much Hashem has truly blessed me with. All those things that I thought I had going for me- those were gifts from Hashem. Now I needed something that I could show Hashem. Something that would make Him proud. But all I could think of were little, regular mitzvos that I did that day. Nothing special.

    Why have I been so stupid?

    How could I have been so blind?

    Why would I sin? WHY?

    Why did I argue with my father when he asked me to stay home today?

    The ambulance arrived, they put me on the stretcher. My father suddenly appeared. A Jewish man had called my parents. He saw that my friends were incapable of doing it, so he called my mother and gently told her that I had gotten into a little accident. She thought he meant I scraped my knees. He also took care to pick up my bag from the ground (covered in blood and tread marks) and give it to my friends so that no one would steal it.

    May Hashem bless everyone in Am Yisrael with health, strength, happiness and success, and may we meet in Yerushalyim at the Beis Hamikdash soon.

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