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    I’ve always wanted to meet one of them and ask what Masechta they’re learning

    in reply to: Gun Control #2103907

    It’s very simple.

    The Constitution unequivocally grants the right of citizens to own firearms.
    For those who say it’s that gunpowder isn’t included, that’s simply ridiculous.

    Even if it would be true that society would be safer without guns, that still would not justify revoking and undermining the 2nd amendment.

    There is indeed a price for freedom.
    This same mindset is what led to the ridiculous lockdowns during corona which destroyed jobs and robbed Americans of so many of their basic rights.
    All in the name of public health.

    But since when is public health an excuse to take away ones GD given rights?
    And even if it is the case in select circumstances, who is wise and unbiased enough to only restrict rights in the most dire of circumstances.

    So again, even if it would be true that less guns would lead to mass shootings, that doesn’t justify taking away guns just like banning cars in the pursuit of eliminating car crashes would be considered ridiculous.


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    Most Cats use They/Them, Cat-Self Pronouns.
    The usage of He/Him in reference to this cat is triggering.

    in reply to: Big issue-please advise #2097938

    As someone who suffers from Species Dysphoria, I’m horrified and hurt by all the comments treating this like a joke.

    @Zaphod, your roommate is a cat.
    He’s always been a cat and you should accept him for who he is.
    It was just a few years ago when I realized my true identity as a Warthog.
    It wasn’t easy, but eventually my friends, family, and rebbium began accepting me for who I am.
    And since then, since I’ve assumed my truest identity, I’ve been able to finally feel at peace.

    So accept him, accept him and love him.
    And all of you making jokes, you should know, that Species Dysphoria is very common.
    We’re everywhere.
    We are your friends, your neighbors, bus drivers and accountants.
    We are Meerkats, Warthogs, Pandas and so on.
    Join us and be an ally.


    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2078897

    1. You’re hilarious, I have a “proclivity to refer to anyone who disagrees with you as “ignorant”?
    – I’ve posted like 5 times here, seems like insufficient evidence to back your spurious claim.
    2. It’s ok to disagree on the scope. Like I said I hope you are right but I’m afraid you’re wrong.
    3. Again you bring in addiction, that puzzles me given that I never discussed addiction.
    4. Do you really not think having unfiltered internet access for oneself/children is a problem?
    5. Your point about projecting is truly obnoxious and disgusting given that you don’t know my internet history.
    -You seem very defensive about this, but I won’t ask why.

    Again it’s poshut to anyone with a brain that unfiltered internet is a sakana and if you have it there’s a good chance someone in the home will be watching **** at some point. Addiction? No I didn’t say that.

    Enjoy your day

    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2078878

    1. Not sure what a frum **** site is and don’t wanna know.
    2. I didn’t say it’s more, I said it’s comparable.
    3. I could be wrong. I hope I am. YWN is great, I doubt they have statistics though of what sites Bochurim or any Jewish male go on after visiting YWN from unfiltered/unsupervised internet. Again I hope it’s not comparable, but I think it is.
    4. It’s appalling to see you’re capable of not looking at all the “flashy adds” here, yet you are incapable of seeing what is eating away at the fabric of our People.

    5. I don’t need to cite rabbonim/gedolim to know the scope of this issue. I’ve been in mesivta, Bais medrash, I know plenty of buchrim, dorm and camp counselors and rebbeium, and you are ignorant at best if you think unfiltered internet is not an issue in our community. Ignorant at best.
    6. Is it hard for you to understand that boys/men of all ages when confronted with unfiltered and unsupervised internet access while have a taiva to be nichshal?
    – Perhaps you think we are all tzadikim, but something tells me you’d agree there’s plenty of drum Jews who speak lashon hara and miss zman kriyas shema from time to time. Can you really not fathom a someone struggling with this?
    – Again, ignorant at best.

    Gut Moed

    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2078748

    The point I made is let’s not pretend like YWN is what we should be concerned Buchrim are doing/watching on the internet.

    And btw, GYE isn’t just for peaople with an “addiction,” it’s for anyone who struggles with shmiras eynayim on the internet etc.
    And it’s not just “some,” I can assure you that.
    There are unfortunately a comparable amount of religious jews/buchrim on p*** sites then there is on YWN, so to have a thread crying about buchrim on YWN we should be talking about the real churban that’s taking place.

    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2078739


    Lifesavers. Gut Moed

    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2078698

    The real question is whether a family with a son returning from Yeshiva should be having unfiltered internet readily available for them to be nichshal with.
    Halevai that YWN was the issue buchrim were having on the internet.
    I can assure you it’s not. Just check out GYE.
    YWN isn’t our nisayon, it’s not what destroys a temimusdik’eh Ben Torah over a Bein Hazmanim…

    in reply to: Election 2024 #2077533

    Kasich will wipe the floor with him in the primary.
    Kasich 2024!!

    in reply to: Bochurim on YWN #2077310

    Rabboisai, Bein Hazmanim is not a time of “bli zman” but a זמן בפני עצמו! And the zman is to hack geshmak whether it be in person or online (assuming it’s filtered).
    There’s nothing more choshuv than this!
    Halevai we would all spend more time hacking and machin a shtikl leitzanus.
    Hack isn’t b’dieved, it’s lechatchila!
    The question isn’t whether buchrim should be hacking but rather what’s the shiur of being yotzei Zein Bein hazmanim hack.

    Good Shabbos

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