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    DaMoshe: The CC wrote a letter decrying the tznius situation *in his time*. Besides, you now seem to be saying what mannster613 wrote was true in the CC’s time but became untrue nowadays. That doesn’t seem quite sensible.

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    rebdoniel, your point about the high divorce rate does not support your conclusion that people should get married older. The high divorce rate is in a society where people DO get married much older than their low 20s. And still their divorce rate is so high despite getting married late.

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    Hi Sam2. That you for the input. I would like to make a couple points on your comment. Reference to the Sambatyon river predates Eldad HaDani. He did not bring it to Jewry’s attention. Additionally, his travel narrative was seemingly accepted by the majority of our leaders. Although it is true that the Ibn Ezra and the Maharam of Rothenburg were skeptical, the then Ga’on of Sura, Mar Zemach ben Chaim, vouched for Eldad’s reliability and trustworthiness. Also Rashi, Rabad, and Avrohom ben Rambam cite Eldad HaDani as an unquestioned authority.

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    Yes, that’s it hakohen53. Thank you. What does the zemor say about the Sambatyon?

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    Thanks again for your input.

    Your other point was that it doesn’t currently exist. That seems apparent. Does anyone know of any sources that state that it is (historically) a reality or any alternative Jewish sources that state it is allegorical?

    Eldad HaDini seems to indicate he stood on the bank of the Sambatyon and spoke to the people across it.

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    Thanks for that comment, WolfishMusings. Actually now that you refreshed some details in my mind, I think that the two stories I referred to in my first and last paragraph of the OP ARE the same story. Can you please relate the entire story as you know it about the author of Akdamus and why he crossed the river? I also seem to now recall he was challenged by a sorcerer.

    Also, who penned the Akdamus and how does that now change the veracity of the story (or at least the veracity of who the protagonist is)?

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    Torah613Torah: How can I clarify for you what I intended to ask?

    WIY: It being real is the standard line of Jewish thought while the idea of it being an analogy is only an alternative explanation. See what Eldad HaDini says about it.

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    I don’t doubt LeebaW’s sincerity in thinking her suggestions are accurate in that allowing a less restrictive religious lifestyle will encourage children who might have gone otd to remain religious albeit less frum. I just think she, and other ord’ers who think that, are mistaken and wrong in that assumption. I do not believe allowing a less restrictive religious lifestyle will encourage someone to remain frum. Anecdotally I think it is obvious that children from less restrictive religious lifestyles go otd at a notably greater rate than children from more insular and restrictive religious lifestyles. And I also think the fact that LeebaW is still not religious even though she could be religious while less restrictive, belies her contention that less restrictive Judaism will result in more frumkeit.

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    LeebaW, to reiterate BetShemeshInExile, how can you make your above suggestions if you yourself remain otd even though, now, you could make the choice of leading a less restrictive religious lifestyle and yet you choose to lead an irreligious lifestyle? Apparently the option of leading a less restrictive religious lifestyle is not encouraging you to not be irreligious.

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