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    I second the suggestion that you look into Ateres Naava in Brooklyn. It is run by Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein.

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    Most of the people with “issues” that I know of are okay with marrying other people with “issues”. It’s their parents that aren’t, because they view every child-in-law as a chance to improve their image.

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    Bais Yaakov of Ramapo is the smallest high school in Monsey. They accept thirty girls to a grade, the result being that if those girls are cliquey or not your daughter’s type, she will have a miserable high school experience. The staff is very warm- too warm for some girls. They are very into having personal relationships with their students. Some girls thrive from the attention; others feel stifled and hate it.

    Bruers has between forty and sixty girls to a grade. They’ve become a lot more modern over the past few years, but have been trying to change that by accepting more yeshivish girls. They have a very high level of academics.

    Bais Yaakov of Monsey is the biggest school, with 100 girls in each grade. They accept girls of every type, from extreme yeshivish to modern. Their staff is very warm, but due to the large amount of girls in each grade, your daughter would have to actively seek a relationship with a teacher if she wants one. They are known for having high level academics, but they are very accommodating to girls that have a hard time keeping up. There is an option to take lower level tests in the mainstream classes.

    While your daughter has to be a very specific type to have friends in Bruers and Ramapo, there is a very low chance of her not making it socially in BYM due to the large of array of girls.

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    Hm… Have you tried Baruch Levine?

    Uziya Tzadok sang Melech Malchei Hamelachim at his bar mitzva some years ago. The video is available on Youtube under the title “??? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ????” It is truly magnificent.

    Uziya has another song that I love, and was quite popular for a time. It’s called Shomer Yisrael. I think he composed it together with Shlomo Rechnitz upon hearing that the three Israeli boys were found dead, back in July of 2014.

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    Today is caput mortuum.

    Useless. Dead.

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