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    I enjoy reading binah bunch and mishpacha junior

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    I mamish, mamish agree with smiling!! The labels have definitely gotten out of hand! Why would a frum yid spend so much gelt on a simple and poshut sweatshirt? I remember the days when juicy was when you bit in a fresh orange and D & G were the initials of my friends name and ugg was something you said when you threw up! I mean whats going on here? Who are you trying to impress? Most definitely not me!

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    I mamish agree with Bein Hasdorim! Kol Hakavod to him! He mamish hit it right on target! I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up for discussion. The busha of having women and men sit next to eachother is not the way frumme yidden should be. And when a boy who is shomer negia passes a girl and chas vashalom his jacket swipes her shirt, its not tznius and besides its mamish a busha!

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    I think the gantze tehillim is so heilege!!

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    I takeh think that by yidden helping other yidden, gantze klal yisroel will be zoiche to moshiach bimihaira biyamainu!! What a gevaldige thread!!

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    Well takeh I was mamish wondering if theyre making a motion picture of this geshmake performance so I could see it. If anyone could let me know, shkoyach! its mamish a help!

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