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    I think one should be wary of Ayin Hara as the Talmud tells us that if you visit the cemetery, for every 100 people buried there, 99 people died as a result of Ayin Hara. However, one needs to take precautions the Jewish way and not by importing foreign practices such as chamsas, red strings, etc.

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    mw13 wrote:

    “MO and Conservative/Reform have attempted to change Yiddishkeit to “fit in” with the modern times”

    Don’t us Chareidim do things like that too? For example, we stopped saying Piyutim because people don’t know what they mean, even though those circumstances existed for generations without such a change. Additionally, we have stopped getting up before dawn to say Selichos every day, because we’re tired. We have stopped fasting on all days of Selichos because we are hungry. We have stopped growing long peyos and beards because we want to fit in.

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    Maybe she needs to go away for Shabbos or Yom Tov. Does she want to come to us? We live in Ramot.

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