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    As long as mechanchim will not have a say on the chinuch in any school then schools will go down the drain. No plumber in the world will be able to fix this big pipe that just burst.

    Many people at Bais Yakov had their salaries slashed and some were fired but the one person that is the focus in any conversation from the many people who left,forced out,retired,fired, or resigned is Rabbi Shapiro. The reason why everyone is so focused on Rabbi Shapiro is because he is loved and any parent of the bais yakov knows that he stood up for parents and teachers and always did the right thing for the school.

    Rabbi Shapiro is the scape goat for the schools problem and does the board really eblieve they would keep this quiet and nobody would know that Rabbi Shapiro was forced out?

    The chutzpah for the board to embarass Rabbi Shapiro and the parent body is not forgiveable. Wether we agree with the decision or not is it right for the board to do this in middle of the year?

    Did the board ask a shailoh to any of our esteemd gedolim in eretz yisroel? the answer is no. There are a few board members and i only spoke to one and that one person admitted to me the decision was made amongst themselves.

    How about bais yakov cutting the waste and a cut for some salaries but to slash everything in half does not make sense. if someones salary is 500,000 a year and it’s cut 50% nobody would argue about it. What do people think most of the people effected are making a year already?

    A teacher told me her salary was cut from 10,000 a year to 5,000 a year. How does anyone expect our kids to learn with teachers that are not paid,not experienced and the morale is terrible? Can someone explain the logic with what these board members are doing?

    I was also told by this board member that next year some classes will have 40 to 45 kids in a class. I hope this was a joke but if this is what bais yakov will do to the parent body I would rather have my kids in the nearest public school then put up with this garbage.

    Just to let everyone know, Rabbi Shapiro was the only administrator in New York City that pushed to accept kids that no other yeshiva wanted and not because there was anything wrong with these kids. The bottom line is Rabbi Shapiro SAVED OUR kids while other jerks create kids at risk. We are losing a mentch and a great honest and full of integrity type of person.

    Shame on the board. Shame on all of you.

    If the board thinks this issue will just go away let me warn you that the truth will come out and your not going to like it. We won’t farshmutz anyone but we will put the facts out and your not going to like it because it will be the TRUTH.

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    How about asking your Rov what to do.

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    I think it’s very offensive to even utter the words “parnassah” into this topic. When there are trends that are destroying the fabric of being a frum person as if we don’t have enough issue to deal with on a daily basis, so what if someone “loses” the parnassah on it.

    If someone is caught selling treif to thousands of observant jews do we start yelling what about his parnassah?

    A few years ago there was major talk about cutting all the non sense out bar mitzvahs and chasunahs and the first complaints all the rabanim heard was it will hurt the paranasah.

    The same G-d that gives us paransah in other means you think G-d doesn’t know where to find you a different business or stay with the business in a more kosher way which will not offend so many people?

    This is about yiddishkeit,and having emeunah and bitochon. It’s a shame that people think they have a license to destroy the fabric of society and then when people chat about it people go wild and start yelling about hurting someones parnassah.

    There is so much more to write but will leave it to the other 75,000 that want to respond.

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    People ask why would anyone care. It’s not about wether we care or not. After 120 years go explain to g-d and ask what the big deal is (anaology)when someone was caught stealing from a millionaire. Afterall the person was rich anyway so who cares.

    It might be logic to you but get real!

    This topic is not a matter of if what we think it is right or not it’s about what does the torah say and how do gedolim pasken on the issue.

    It would be nice to hear from photographers and find out if they ever played the shtick.

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    There is a story about a godol that was being photgraphed by Ed Bernstein and Mr. Ed Bernstein missed the shot he wanted and asked the rosh yeshiva to “do the pose again.” The rosh yeshiva said absolutely not but was willing to stand and smile so Mr. Bernstein can get the pictures he wanted.

    This is gadlus because the rosh yeshiva had patience and was at the same time teaching no fake redo’s. If you miss the shot you miss the shot and the rosh yeshiva was willing to do whatever it takes so Mr. Bernstein can get his few pictures.

    There are amazing stories about Gedolim and what they say is right and wrong with editing and the general shailos that come up for photgraphers.

    Mishpacha Magazine had stories by Ed Bernstein a couple of months ago. It’s a must read.

    Rav Gifter Zt”l was also known as a no non sense person and would not go in for any fake stuff. Rav Giter never minded being photgraphed as long as it was bekovidig Rav Gifter would never go in for faking photographs. It’s one thing to edit for tznius purposes or because someone looked horrible in the picture but to change an appearence to make it look like something of what the place or picture is not, Rav Gifter said many times it is sheker.

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