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    The first two weeks a person does lose weight the fastest, however after those first 15-20 lbs come off, some people are so proud of their accomplishment. This leads to more motivation and easier more consistent weight loss. I said in my post that it gets easier (because the dieter knows he/she can do it)….not faster.

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    After you have lost 20 lbs, the next 20 lbs should be so much easier. Whatever you have been doing seems to be working for you, so keep it up!

    Also, if you have been working out 3x a week for the last two months, increase it to 4x a week for the next month for better results. What kind of exercise have you been doing?

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    The SCD does help control symptoms for many patients. In answer to your question, if you follow the SCD diet for a long time, it can be a great way to manage your symptoms but your symptoms could resurface at a future time, because the disease is not cured with the diet,it’s only controlled.

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