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    R L A

    see my post at end with all sources for stringency and leniency

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    R L A

    Mekorot for the laws

    *Bright colored clothing or clothing that otherwise attracts atntion are not permitted. =as they are worn by gentiles for purposes of promiscuity, [and one who wears it transgresses the prohibition of “Thou shall not go in their statutes”- See Michaber Y.D. 178/1; Maharik Shoresh 88; Igros Moshe Y.D. 1/81; Dibros Eliyahu 34, Rama Y.D. 178/1; Beis Yosef 178; Maharik Shoresh 88; Aruch on Brachos 20a, The Shach-yoreh deah 178:3, Maharik Shoresh 88, {Rav Moshe Shternbuch (Teshuvos v’Hanhagos Vol. I #136), shlita, seems to understand the aforementioned Gemara that it includes any color that brings attention to oneself. Thus, a bright yellow or bright pink would be included in the prohibition according to Rav Shternbuch. Rav Chaim Kanievsky is also quoted as forbidding any bright color. Other poskim cite other sources for not bringing excess attention to oneself and forbid any bright or neon color. They do not state that their source is this Gemara in Berachos, however.} [leinent opinion sources Darkei Teshuvah 178/16 in name of Rav Yitzchak Elchonan of Kovna; Orchos Rabbeinu]
    (transparent clothing prohibited= bavli berachot 25b, halachot gedolot-berkahot, chapter, Yabia omer vol.VI -YorehDeah 14 letter 1, Rashi on gemar berachot, Magen avraham at the beginning of OrahChaim 75, )
    * A woman’s knees, elbows=Responsa yabia Omer volume VI, Yoreh Deah 14-letter3, and collarbone must remain covered. =Chazon Ish Orah Chaim 15-letter8, Kedoshim tehiyu page 253,
    * Skirts may not have a slit, also to cover knee.= Responsa yabia Omer volume VI, Yoreh Deah 14-letter8, igrot moshe is more leniant, Rav Ovadia sourced in the book of Rabbi Ellinson, even ezer vol.1-58, Orah Chaim 16:7Rambam- Maasay hakorbanot 9:10, hullin134b,
    * Clothes must be loose-fitting. = rabbi Israel Ganz, Leviticus 18:3, also this may go under not wearing anything that may cause forbidden thoughts I hear from Rebitzin Ganz that it is better to wear a short-sleeve shirt rather than a tight-fitting long sleeve shirt since the latter is like wearing nothing at all…
    * A married woman must cover her hair. = it is brought down in chazal that any woman who is not a virgin should cover hair but this is not the halacha. Number 5:18 deorita, and goes on daat moshe. Rambam -issur biah 21:17,shiltie giborim on rif, ketubot 72a mishna,
    * An unmarried woman’s hair should be short or tied back, such as in a braid. = minchag there are many Chasidic sources
    * Makeup and perfume = from all the sources I saw no problem with makeup that conceals blemishes, the only problem with those that make facial features such as eyes stand out too much Livush kehilchata, Rebbetzin Leah Kohn,
    * A woman’s singing voice = Berachot 24a, Yerushalmi Hallah 2:1, Jer. 3:9, Kidushin 70a, Rama hilchot isurie biah 21a, Shulchan aruch even haezar 21:1 , sdei hemed 100:42, Igros Moshe gives leniency before puberty to hear but says that the behavior is undesirable.

    for sure there are more sources but this is what I was able to find

    (Devarim 23:15) “For the L-rd your G-d walks in the midst of your camp … And let your camp be holy; that He see no unseemly thing in you and turn from you”: this teaches that licentious behavior removes the divine presence, since it does not rest in a place of sin or sinful thought, so any dress that can cause such thought either in a man or woman is prohibited.

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