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    Be Happy

    Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote this. I found it on my computer while sorting it out my folders:

    Moshiach is on his way – are you ready?

    Do You Have Something to Wear when Moshiach Comes?

    After a week filled with fear and awe, we feel that there is so very much to

    beg for now, during the Yomim Nora’im. Beseeching Hashem for Bi’viyas

    HaMoshiach has finally become something real and tangible.

    On Rosh Hashona, my family discussed what it will be like when Moshiach

    comes and how we are all looking forward to his arrival. It was then that my

    mother asked, “Have you decided what you’re going to wear to greet

    Moshiach?” The whole family got very nervous. I could not think of one

    outfit in my entire wardrobe in which it would be befitting for the Avos,

    Imahos, Moshe Raabeinu, Dovid Hamelech, Devorah Haniviah, etc. to see me

    dressed. How could I appear before them with my skirt just covering my

    knees? Maybe my new suit is okay. No, the problem is that it’s tight

    fitting. Can I wear my skin-tone stockings? But how would Sorah Imainu know

    there’s something there? She’ll think it’s my bare leg!? How can I wear my

    Shabbos shoes with those high platforms? What will Moshiach say to that? I

    really like one of my new Shabbos outfits, but it reaches my ankles. Is that

    really appropriate for me to wear?

    We all experienced a sinking feeling. How is it possible that we have

    nothing to wear to greet Moshiach although our closets are packed with

    clothing? Then someone commented, “If all our clothes aren’t good enough for

    Moshiach, why are they okay to wear now?” If we have been crowned by

    Hakadosh Boruch Hu with the most precious adornment, “Bonim Atem La’Hashem

    Elokeichem” shouldn’t we always look like B’nos Melech? We were all

    speechless. We had absolutely nothing to say for ourselves. On the Yom

    Ha’din we had to confess that we have nothing in which we would feel

    comfortable to appear before Moshiach. Suddenly the solution hit me like a

    bolt of lightning. “I think I’ll wear my Bais Yaakov uniform! That is

    something I’ll feel good about wearing.” Imagining to myself the throngs of

    Bais Yaakov girls all going to greet our holy ancestors in one united

    uniform. My heart swelled with a warm glow.

    But why is that my uniform is the only outfit of which Moshiach will be


Viewing 2 posts - 401 through 402 (of 402 total)
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