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    I can tell you first hand, what is abuse, being teased, pushed around like a rag doll, bullied, and it happened to me for YEARS, and the ONLY person that came to my aid, what a Psychiatrist, and I told him and showed him EVERYT mark on my body, who did it, why it was done, when it was done, and EVERY time I complained to the rebbeim, teachers, rosh yeshivas, it went on deaf ears, and to make it worse, the rebbeim told the kids of what I said, and then I got it bad.

    The Psychiatrist arranged a meeting with my father, because of my situation at home, and the rosh yeshiva and his father, and the Dr. said it blundtly, if you do NOT stop the abuse, he will take the NEXT step, and any blood spilled will be on your hands, the Dr. was dismissed.

    You see, already by the 6th grade, I was scratching myself, but NO one came to my aid, I was NEVER invited to a classmate’s home.

    and this went on for YEARS.

    My yeshiva had a dinner a few years ago, and they asked me to speak, but I told the dinner chairman, that if i go up to the stage, I will ask ONE question:

    Why did you ALL of you, commit MURDER, the death of ME!!

    The dinner chairman, told me that i was not going to be a good speaker.

    I was pushed on the bus, in the bathroom, and since my parents were NOT the of the Jewish way, (NOT CHASSIDISH), I would get punished for it.

    When I was already in the 7th grade I was asking Hahsem to take me home, there is NO life for me, NO one loves me, NO one cares for me, NO one wants to be my friend, chavrusah, and I only see pain.

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    When I was in Yeshhiva from the 5th grade till the 11th grade, I was the MOST picked on student, I was being bullied, teased, hurt, pushed, and everytime I complained, instead of being on MY side, the teachers, rebbeim would snitched on the kids, and they would hurt me MORE.

    In the 6th grade, I have more gun publications, than Siddurim, I was already cutting myself on the wrist, and I did NOT hide it, but they did not care.

    When I became depressed, they sent me to see a Dr. and when the Dr. asked me, why am I depressed, I showed him my marks on my wrist, and then I took off my shirt and i showed him EVERY mark on my body, who did it, when it was done, why it was done.

    The Dr. arranged a meeting with my father, rebbe, rosh yeshiva and his father and told him that if the abuse does NOT stop, he will go on, and any blood spilled will be on YOUR hands.

    The Dr. was dismissed, and I still got it bad, and those rebbe’s and rosh yeshiva now also, are saying they are experts.

    They stole my life, they drove me to kill myself, they NEVER hugged me, invited me to their homes, etc…

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