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    Hey op:)

    Sooo I’m not totally bt but i grew up loosely modern orthodox- mother half covers hair etc.
    But became more frum a couple years ago and now go to frum school.

    Parents arent thrilled.

    I also have no other friends who are baalei tshuvos- either they’re very modern and a bit stand off ish that I only wear skirts now lol:) or my frum friends who I’m not so open with that I’m bt- i don’t really talk about it and some just assume that I’m a baalas tshuvah or they don’t even know i didn’t grow up the same way they did.

    If u wanna talk and connect more maybe we could email or smth- whatever’s easiest.

    Hatzlacha and thank you for posting this!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)