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    Cmon most people do watch movies however, goin into a movie theater is a bit low. Watch it at home! cant you wait till it comes out on dvd? doesnt that show somethign about you that you mamish cant wait for the movie to come and and you must watch it? thats were the problem starts thats number one. number 2 is that when goin to a theater your mamish entering a guyisha enviroment. your doing exactly what the guy does and putting yourslef into there typ of life style. Se braing nisht tzi kein gitz!

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    Thanks all of you. I guess all i need is chizuk

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    uhhhhhh yeaaaa y wouldnt they be?

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    no but theres this place in boro park they are wholesalers and they sell to private ple as well. They are about 800 bucks and really stunning. Sis has one and its like a shevy except the price

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    a beautiful leather english hagadah

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    dark colored nail polish is prust, not tzniusdig and very very not eidl

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    in my office girls say that its not owsgehalten to say hi how are you? to your boss. I think its just rude to nodd your head. Anyone know these halachis?

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