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    I also used to have a sporadic account, but then i forgot my password…

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    i became a lot more savvy, not taking everything i read at face value. and realised how modern i am.

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    i thought high school girls with long hair was the coolest thing ever…and slapstick bracelets, i was a huge fan of those.

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    As a teenager myself, i do see others without internet who either have a lot more wholesome life, or sneak out of their houses under the pretext of ‘chessed’ and borrow someone else’s wifi. Every child is different, so i guess you should tailor their computer use to their needs. However, in my experience, there is no such thing as a seminary without girls using the internet, maybe look into a seminary that monitors the internet use, e.g. has like a seminary email account or something?

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    Try Shaalvim for Women, in Malcha. It’s a very nice new building. the school is modern orthodox religious zionist, most girls are American – its a really warm place.

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    Visit the Gush! It’s beautiful! Also see if you can arrange a trip around the Jewish quarter in Chevron with the rabbi there, its amazing! The Qumran is also pretty incredible, and there are some dead sea scrolls available to see! Try Eretz Bereishit, it’s really nice for families (e.g. camel rides for kids)

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    I’m so sorry about this! that’s really upsetting and not nice! I’m not really familiar with Beis Yaakov sems,so I don’t think I can help but I hope you find the right place for you really soon!

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