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    Then, apparently, you missed the news of the psak halacha of the Beis Din of HaRav Sherman shlita, in Eretz Yisroel, that the mass pro-forma conversions of Russians by Rabbi Druckman to have never been valid from the outset.

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    beniguman: So the Catholic priest, in my above example, who intends to remain a Catholic priest, underwent a kosher geirus in your thinking. Correct?

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    The Torah im EY is not because of the zionists one iota. It is despite the zionists and their efforts against the Torah. The Torah in EY preceded them and will succeed them after they’re long gone.

    Yes, you burn an apikorus’ Torah. That’s the halacha. Better no Torah than “Torah” from an apikorus.

    benignuman: If a Catholic priest wants to spy on the Jews and he goes through all the motions of geirus, mouths that he’s kabala the ol mitzvos, takes some dunks in the mikva with proper tevila and successfully fooled a good beis din, your comment above would indicate that he is 100% Jewish even though he never intended to follow the Torah. That is simply incorrect.

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    Chacham Ovadia Yosef merely writes in Yabia Omer about Yom Ha’atzmut that Hallel should not be said with a blessing but “If the congregation wishes to say Hallel without a blessing after the prayer service, they should not be prevented.” That is hardly an endorsement.

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    zsdad: They were never expelled from Satmar. In fact, the Neteurei Karta was never part of Satmar. The NK are Litvaks. They descend from the Talmidim of the GRA that moved to Eretz Yisroel. Their Shuls daven Nusach Ashkenaz, unlike the Chasidim.

    These [people] [of authority]

    Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman once said:

    “It is certain as the sun shines that the Land will vomit the Zionists out, because the Land is the Palace of the King….I don’t say this either to curse or to bless, but because these are things which are written in the Torah and which will take place.”

    The Chazon Ish once said:

    “If it is hard to understand the whole matter of the Golden Calf, by seeing the matter of the State, one can understand it. The matter of the State is similar to the Golden Calf

    Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik once said:

    “The Zionists aren’t taking Jews away from Judaism in order to have a State, THEY NEED A STATE IN ORDER TO TAKE JEWS AWAY FROM JUDAISM”

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