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    I went to Seminar. One of my good friends went to Michlala, and another went to Ateres. They are two very different types. We’re all Sternbergers though. I’ll talk about those three since I have the shaychus… 🙂 Seminar was definitely bais yaakov, maybe a tad more than Ateres (but maybe not. they may be tied) but definitely a bunch more than Michlalah. It is definitely a Sternberg type school, where you can connect with the teachers in and out of class, learn and grow, and go on great trips. However, I didn’t feel like you could ask EVERY question you might have (at least in class), because of its bais yaakovness. I think Ateres is a bit better for that because the girls are from a more diverse background. Michlala is highly academic and also not bais yaakov, so it may not be what you want. My highly academic friend went and enjoyed it for its intellectual stimulation. (It also has a gorgeous campus, btw :))

    Out of the three, I think you may want Ateres. Pninim is also something to look into, from what you’re describing. Meohr is on the right track, but I’m not sure it’s a fit for you, from what I’ve heard. It’s definitely more hashkafa based- is that your type? I think Machon Raayah is after my time (and I’m only out a couple of years!).

    Wherever you end up, you should remember Hashem put you in that exact spot for a reason, and it’ll be the best place for you!

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    Tet vav – yud zayin, inclusive

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