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    hi “mewho”, thanks for analyzing my post. i appreciate it. Just wanna let u know a few things:

    1)Even small kitten heels (1/4 -1/2 inch high) which are very tznius and comfortable CAN get stuck in grates on the street also!! (I do not wear stillettos, and dont understand how anyone can physically walk in them.)

    2)True that girls shouldnt text, and should say thanks u…but i am a girl here, therefore i only went out with guys, and we’re posting on a thread giving info 2 guys on wat to do and not to do.

    3)When u r still going thru the shaddchan u dont always make up with the boy wat to do on ur dates. Many times the boys decide and let u know once ur in the car together.

    4)And even if guys dont use umbrellas, the fact that they bring one for the girl if its raining or if there is a chance of rain SHOWS that they are considerate and will be a considerate husband. Expecting the girl to know guys dont use them and expect them to bring their own already indicates wat type of husband they will make.

    5)I didnt say to turn ur car into a snack bar, but i thought it was very sweet and thoughtful when a guy saw wat drink i ordered on the first date and had it waiting 4 me in the car on our second date. And a different guy who asked me wat type of food i like, and on the next date he had it waiting in the car. Its not a must, but if u wanna show the girl that u are a sweet, sensitive, and intuned type of guy, that would b my suggestion.

    Hey if u dont like my suggestions dont use them, i am just sharing my thoughts from my experience. and no need to rip everything everyone says apart.

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    A few more things to add:


    1)Say thank you to all waiters and anyone else that helps you (not everyone does)

    2)Always have a backup plan. The lounge you want to go to may be full, so its better to have another place to go to then to walk around deserted streets for an hour, get lost, and then go back to that same lounge in an hour to see if any tables opened up. (not impressive)

    3)Bring 2 umbrellas if its raining

    4)Keep tissues and some food and drinks in the car

    5)Know that it is hard for girls to walk over the grates in the streets if they are wearing heels, they get stuck. Same applies to a boardwalk.

    6)If you plan on taking the girl out to eat let her know. She is not sure if u plan on taking her so she is not sure if she should eat supper b4 or not

    7)AND if you plan on going milchigs, even 2 stop in starbucks, let her know. she mite have eaten fleishig supper since she didnt know food was on the agenda

    8) No one likes to meet half of their friends when they go out so take them someone different or at least not a few blocks away

    9)Girls like guys that are put together and have confidence


    1)Drop the girl off 3 houses away and then zoom off b4 she even gets to her house (true story)

    2)Order ur own dessert while the girl is still eating her main

    3)Dont beg the lounge to let you come in even if there’s no room. Or try to bring drinks down to chairs that are in an area where they dont let you bring them and then beg them to let u just drink them there.


    5)If u see ur friend dont go over and shmooze 4 ten minutes, its not polite

    6)Do Not tell ur date that u just got ur license, its not impressive, its concerning to be in the car with u!

    Thats all 4 now

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