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    @ Zehava,

    I have access to many sources. So far Iv’e reached out to several superintendents in districts in NYC which have heavy Jewish populations, unfortunately, they do not have ounce of a clue regarding the average AIE (Actual Individual Expense) Per Jewish Students.

    In Lakewood we know that for busing alone its around 20 million (everything can be cited, Iv’e already written three papers on the subject)

    I recently compared Lakewood to the five towns where Jewish population is surging. And while the ditsrict is much smaller in comparison to Lakewood, non-public out number public 2.5 to 1

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    @AP, I am not trying to troll. I am actually a grad student trying to research these two areas and try to access what percentage of the funds in relation to the Jewish population go to services from which our school benefit.

    Just to put matters into perspective for you, In Lakewood the school budget is around 150 Million, in NYC is 24 Billion. In Lakewood the Jewish students outnumber the gentile students 4 to 1 (25,000 non-public 2950 Public).

    However, I have a dealine, and was not able to get the percentages, regarding the cost of Jewish student for each student.

    Perhaps you have some information….

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    i have used word and i find it difficult to shticky formatting. i guess ill try publisher.

    does publisher have a option of making a book in it?

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    Thank You to all the respondents.

    I am not looking to publish the safer my self but rather give it to a printer, pretty much print ready (ideally). I have most of the materiel in written format and I want to now transfer it from the a written format to a print format…

    Is there anyone who can direct me in either word or publisher on accomplishing the format I desire?

    again, any suggestions are welcomed. and thank you.

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    I have learned and continue to learn in CC Mosdos (Miami my first Year, Z.A. the rest) for the last seven years strong B”H, it was the obvious Choice for me since i was raised by a Chofetz Chaim Musmach and he came out ok ,lol…(He happens to be a Huge Talmid Chachom and Lamdan, he learned in Yeshiva for 14 years, it could be a coincidence however i doubt it!) So i felt if he came out fine so can i…(perhaps, it was also the fact that i have seen him Talk in learning with Roshi Koleliem and Magidie Shiurim who went to other “esteemed” Yeshivos (as a kid) and they told my later in my life how they are scared to talk in learning with him cause he rips their Chaburas to shreds) Ohh another reason come to think of it was that the Rosh Hayshivah Zutzka”l was my Sandek so maybe he had brained washed me already then!!!

    That being said i have been to other Yeshivah’s for a few Summer Zemans and (not enough to be a critic). and did not like it (but to be fair i was not planing on leaving my Yeshiva). For me The Derech felt like home the did others not. (this could be pinned on my upbringing but B”H i am ok with that.

    It must be noted however,, in the other Yeshivah’s most of the guys were happy learnign in the derech of the Yeshivah they attended and B”H that is the way it should be.

    However, this concept of being happy in a Yeshivah other then CC should not be a shocker to anyone since Chaza”l teach us “Ein Adom Lomed Ala Eifo Shelibo Chofetz” so really its all about finding a place where you feel you can grow and learn (in regards to the Derech Halimud/ Derech Hamusar) i leave that part to the Yetzer Harah, and so should all the rest of you. ’cause after all, all he wants is to cause strife…

    In regards to Rabbi Cohen i am B”H very close with him and have spent much time with him as a Talimd in his Yeshivah and i think it ironic that he came up ’cause if there is anyone out there that can help you figure things out he most likely will be the one to call:

    You can call the office (516)-295-5700 X13 or drop him an email, [email protected] and he will probably get back to you

    Or (a better idea) you could just stop by Yeshiva in Bayswater and talk to him and check the place out for yourself. He gives Shiur (two shiurim actually) at around 11:15 and is around till 1:00 pm…

    Good Luck!

    P.S. any comments on my post are welcomed

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