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    toi you are very right the taruves at the shmorgas tabels and the salad bar i hated it. i will never go again and expose my kids to such a untznies environment where woman just push themselves in between the men, and at your yom tov tish sitting between other people with no michtzos. where is the mah toive ohelich yakkov that your doors shouldnt be facing someone elses door. i was so angry when i found out that there is no privacy.i still regret that years vehegadtu lbinchu which was gashmus only

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    Thursday night reb aron msatmar gave out a issoer on facebook and twiter he said he wants all parents who have kids in his moisdios not to have accounts in any of those and the moisdois will hire a board of programmers to follow up in it and if caught the kids will be thrown from the schools

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    in satmar the rebbe washes like 10 minutes before the zman rabenu tamm because they also daven mincha at that time

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    do what the old satmar rebbe did send the men to work after a month in kollel. and promise a dira and support and then you pay 2 months of rent and then tell the couple support yourself ich hub mer nisht in a giten tug marry them when they are 19. from my age in yeshiva 1 bucher left from 250

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)