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    The PSA was not a warning.

    During the Cold War, Russia threatened countless times to conduct a nuclear attack on America, it never happened nor did it come close to happening. Those threats went on for 45+ years.

    The crisis in Ukraine is not remotely Nuclear, nor will result in a nuclear attack, due to the west having utterly no direct military involvement, but let’s say, to play devils advocate that Russia does decide to conduct a full scale nuclear strike on the USA, what would that look like?

    If Russia were to conduct a full scale nuclear offensive, the civilian casualties would come from states like, Montana, Nevada, California, and Utah, this is due to the vast majority of American military installations and nuclear arsenal are housed in these states. Russia’s goal would be destroy all this so they could be the final victor of this supposed nuclear war. In the 1960s, when nuclear strategy was first being drafted up, the plan was to destroy the major civilian epicenters- why? Because civilian epicenters had factories, ports and industries. In todays day with all the exporting, there are no factories or industries in NYC, and our major industrial ports are in nearby NJ. On top of all that, NYC possesses no major military installations or nuclear storage or arsenals.
    (NJ does)

    Countries like Russia don’t want to waste their weapons on measly body counts. They want to win, and to do that, they must destroy what threatens them most.
    Scholars on this subject have been saying this for years and the media continually ignores them, because a headline that says “RUSSIA IS NO THREAT TO NYC” doesn’t make money, “RUSSIA CAN DESTROY ENTIRE NYC POPULATION” does make money.

    Even if Russia would target NYC, it’s important to remember that the United States has a vast and comprehensive Nuclear Defense Strategy that includes interception missiles and early warning networks that would effectively defend a mass populated city like NYC or Los Angeles.

    What we saw from the department of early management was a goof, where some state level employee decided to that updating a nuclear safety video was not just important but necessary, and this descision was for sure made without any consultation with actual defense scholars or military analysts, who made their point clear that there will be no nuclear any time soon. The fact is, that the federal level has done nothing, and the federal level is the only one that matters here, because they are better informed and don’t just create random PSA based on how they’re feeling.

    Listen to the real sources, don’t get your news from CNN or FOX, go to the websites of the Department of Defense or the Office of Emergency management (Federal) or the Institute for the Study of War.


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    I can’t believe that the mods allowed this! Doxxing fellow yidden is a blatant aveira! This thread should be taken down! The annoying and more uncomfortable nature of YWNCR comes from posters like these who advocate for such vociferous action.

    Just read what any reliable Rov has to say on doxxing, this is going against Halacha.

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