Tosher Rebbe Released From Hospital


Bichasdei Hashem, the Tosher Rebbe Shlita, has been released from the hospital, and has been brought back to him home in Kiryas Tosh, YWN has learned.

People around the world had been davening for the Rebbe since he was rushed to a Montreal hospital with a respiratory infection as was first reported by YWN. Rav Meshulem Feish Lowy, 88 years old, was admitted to Jewish General Hospital in Montreal on Monday evening, October 18th. A team of doctors and specialists had been flown in from New York by Queens Hatzolah Paramedic, and seasoned pilot Eli Rowe.

His condition continued to deteriorate ,and his family was called to his bedside. Last week his condition turned around, and he was Boruch Hashem stabilized. The Rebbe was then released from the hospital in Montreal, and highly credible sources tell YWN exclusively that he was secretly flown to a Manhattan Hospital – where he was being treated until early Sunday morning when he was discharged. The move to and from New York was kept so secret, that his own Chassidim were never aware that he was taken to NYC.

He was flown  back to his home in Kiryas Tosh, where a team of doctors and nurses will continue to treat him in his home – part of which has been converted into an emergency care facility for the Rebbe.

Please continue to be Mispallel for Meshulam Feish ben Tzirel.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. There was a Plan by the Doctors to transfer the Tosh Rabbi toa NY Hospital due to the Canada Doctors arent good & rebbe wasnt improving, but at the End rebbe was NOT transferd because was a to Big Risk to take him in a ICU mobil to NY, rebbe remained a whole time in the jewish genral hospital in montreal.

  2. They wanted to move him to an American hospitial because of the better care. American hospitials are know for better care but it won’t be for long because we are going to get obamacare which should drop American hospitial know status; it might get as low as 3 world country. Thank you mr. president