WATCH: Levaya Of Maran Hagaon HaRav Shteinman ZATZAL



  1. @Gadolhadorah – REALLY!!!??? Hundreds of thousands of people! The Biggest Levayah ever in very cramped Bnei Brak (to my knowledge)! Not one serious incident (to my knowledge)! Extremely well organized! The police deserve our appreciation for an excellent job done on controlling the crowd! The bus companies deserving credit for getting people there and back in decent time! The Ministry of Transportation deserve credit for organizing transportation on the highways and roads to minimize congestion! Even those attending the Levayah, for the most part, did their best to follow instructions! No one was trampled on and people made sure that water was available for anyone that needed!

    With all that, all you could think of was to try to find fault in other Jews and post it!


    What right do you have to comment on what you did not experience?!

  2. softwords: although much of what you say is true, the situation with the bus companies is a major disaster! I guess you don’t have family that had trouble, but it is now 7:30 pm and my family is still not home from Bnei Brak, though they were waiting for a bus since before 3…. We haven’t yet lit chanukah candles….

  3. I’m pretty sure that you left out the tzavah of the rav that was read at the Levaya. I don’t remember all the details but one of the things that was for men to learn a perek of mishnayos every day for the year of avalos and woman reading 10 perakim of tehilim. I don’t remember the details but for the kavod of the rav and for us to receive his guidance you might find it worthwhile to clarify and write for the readers of YWN.

  4. Soft words ,
    Were you there?
    I agree that the people were pretty respectful for the most part although there was some pushing and shoving mainly from the kids. Some people jumped on cars and climbed the bus stop which I understand where they are coming from but it might be iterpreted as disrespect when they didn’t listen to come down. I think that people should not have shoved at all when told to stand in their place but it was expected that there would be some shoving from the kids and it didn’t get out of hand.
    I agrèe that we should be positive so that’s a good point.
    We should remember and respect him by learning his chidushim like the gemaroh says about hamor besham amro that this gives pleasure and zchuyos to the one who taught it even after his passing.

  5. What I don’t understand is that if the police, transportation authorities, etc. can cope with a levaya like this at the drop of a hat, how come they mess up Lag BeOmer every year?

  6. @aka pooka – Yes, I was there. My main point was to bring out that instead of looking at the positive points the commentator decided to focus on the negative side, which I feel is really wrong to do. I can understand stating constructive criticism if it is proceeded with the positives, but just to bring out the negative aspects is truly a wrong attitude. We have enough divide among Klal Yisrael. We need to put salt on wounds by seeking out the negatives in each other?
    I may have made a couple mistakes in my assessment of the Levayah, but at least I tried to focus on positives. Even if traffic was still a mess I’m sure they tried their best.

    In all honesty, if she would have described the event the way you did I’d probably not have said anything. At least your assessment was a fare assessment based on what you actually saw and with giving benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

    @YWN reader – I’m sorry the return trip turned out such a disaster. I did not have to deal with the grueling return trip that your family had to deal with and wrote my comment well before candle lighting, so I was not as aware of the actual situation of returning routes as you were.
    On the positive side, attending a Levayah of a Gadol HaDor is a very big Kidush Hashem and the reward that you and your family will receive for your mesiras nefesh is much greater than mine.

  7. Softwords: I watched the embeeded video in the article along with several others and I’ll repeat my comment. The behavior of some of of the attendees was disrespectful to the memory of the Rav and in many cases they totally ignored multiple requests from the police and security forces to step back and allow the levayah to proceed. If this is your concept of respect, that’s your view. I respectfully disagree.