WATCH THIS: Biden Tells Black Student “If You Were My Daughter, You’d Be A Caucasian, You Wouldn’t Be Pulled Over”


This video makes you wonder what the media would label President Trump if he said this.

Black student to Democrat Joe Biden: “If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?”

Biden response: “If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over”

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dear Mr. Biden: I am white and have been pulled over twice by the police in New York whilst driving. Once I was delayed for 40 minutes while I was given a summons for having a dud rear light. The second time I was pulled over and given a lecture about tinted windows. My windows in that car were very lightly tinted and specifically approved. Why was I pulled over as I am as “caucasian” as you? Is caucasian the new PC way of saying white? Unfortunately, many people of color probably don’t have an extensive enough vocabulary to understand what Biden meant!

  2. This comment is so stupid that it should cost him the nomination. If one chooses to believe that minorities get pulled over more often, one might consider that discrimination. However, there is no such crime as being black or any other race or color. People get pulled over on suspicion of a crime. Let’s say that speeding cars are pulled over, and more than half are black. One might be correct that this is unfair. But the speeder is nevertheless guilty of speeding, and should incur the consequences. The law enforcement should be guided to be blind to race.

    Sadly, the “racial” card is pulled out every time there is an apprehension of a black suspect, and this is dishonest. Whites are not given a special pass, and Biden, who presumably graduated high school, should be intelligent enough to realize that. If his daughter is involved in a crime or a traffic offense, she should be pulled over with zero regard to her skin color.

    This inane statement is an invite to the black vote. How immature, and primitive. He’d be smarter to retire.

  3. I am a Trump fan.
    I don’t think Biden said anything wrong, I thought it was funny. I would have said fake news if the media would make a fuss had Trump said it.

  4. @funnybone
    whats wrong with what he said is that he’s libeling the police, and being dismissive of actual criminal behavior as institutional racism.