BIZARRE FOOTAGE: Remains of Qassem Soleimani Placed In Cardboard Coffin And Flown COACH!


The coffin containing the dead body of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani, was transported to Tehran on a passenger plane in a special tribute flight which played footage of him on its screens.

A video taken from inside Mahan Air’s Airbus A300-603R shows five coffins taking up whole rows of seats between passengers, instead of being put in the cargo hold.

Passengers can be seen watching footage of Soleimani which is playing in memorial of him on the in-flight TV screens.

Millions of Iranians are partaking in the funeral in Tehran on Monday.

See the video below taken on the plane:

MID-FLIGHT HESPED Watch and enjoy the mourning of a man who funded the deaths of hundreds of Jews through Iran’s proxies Hamas and Hezbollah. באבד רשעים רינה

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why didn’t Israel complete our simcha and bomb the plane? Then we could have really rejoiced. If only they also hit Aytollah Khameini and Ahmadinejad yimach shemo.

  2. Perhaps we could drop the derisive comments. (I am not sorry the man is dead, although I worry about the consequences.) Perhaps they adopted some of our ideas of kavod hameis, as they did for so many things, and didn’t want the bodies to be unaccompanied in the cargo hold? And why an expensive coffin if they’re going to bury the bodies in the earth with only shrouds? This kind of reaction cheapens our own hearts. Remember the story of the Rabbi’s daughter who chased a stray cat out of the house with a few curses, and her father admonished her for it? She said, “Abba, it was only a cat.” And he replied, “But you have sullied your own mouth with that kind of speech.” No matter what or who the target, we should always keep in mind that we have to preserve our own dignity.

  3. No Midwest!- Veibed reshoim RINAH! We celebrate the death of Homon horoshoh- and he didn’t even kill anyone!!!! This is the dignity of the holy Yeiden HY’D who were murdered by Hezboloh with weapons supplied by Salmaneini now flying c(ockr)oach……

  4. Midwest2, i wish you would be consistent with your own call to “preserve our own dignity” and apply the same standard to President Trump in your comment as you apply to Iranian terrorist.

  5. With apologies to Midwest2 (point well taken) but I have to relay what the flight attendant said over the loudspeaker. “Mr. Solameini, we can’t take off until you stop smoking.”

  6. A similar situation occured when Hitler’s murderous SS Arayan general, responsible for mass extermination, Reinhard Heydrich was killed by the Czech resistance. The Nazis who disregarded human life and killed millions, were very sad that their ace murderer platzed. Adolf gave him a state funeral.

  7. l’havdil (maybe), when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, the newly sworn-in President Johnson refused to leave Dallas without the body and they disassembled seats on Air Force One to bring the coffin onto the place rather than in the cargo hold.

  8. I stand by my comment. This man was chayav misa, obviously, but we have to maintain our own standards of kedusha and purity of speech, not imitating some non-Jewish radio person who makes his money off purveying leitzanus.

    And don’t forget the pasuk in Avos about not rejoicing over your enemy’s downfall, because it could lead to bad results for you yourself. These days we are in a very dangerous position, both here and in Eretz Yisrael. As Chazal have always stressed, we are not being targeted because of what the other guys do – we are targeted because we need to change our behavior. Perhaps part of that change involves abandoning the adoption of non-Jewish leitzanus and coarseness of speech and returning to the refined manner of speech that the eltern of Europe showed.

  9. For the record sake Reinhard heydrich considered to be worse than Hitler was 1/4 Jewish and he was essentially killed by two guys parachuted in in a British Special Operations