WATCH THIS: Iranian Protesters Refuse To Walk Over US And Israeli Flags


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Many students at a university in Tehran have openly avoided walking over US and Israeli flags in an apparent show of defiance again the Iranian government.

Video shows the students walking around, rather than across, the flags at Shahid Beheshti University campus. The flags were painted on the ground so that those walking along the route would thereby insult both countries – which Iran considers staunch enemies.

Watch in the second video below what happens when Iranians walk on the Israeli and American flags (most likely of the regime’s IRGC Basij members): They are booed & people begin chanting: “Shame on you!”

Thousands of protesters chanting anti-government slogans have taken to the streets after Iran’s military admitted it had mistakenly downed a passenger plane.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. which Iran considers staunch enemies. I abhor Iran. I adore מדינת-ישראל, and the United States of America, because Thank-G-d I have priorities set straight.

  2. Our president has really upset the rotten apple cart!
    Ya gotta love him and realize president Trump is a shliach from Hashem!!
    May he be well and succeed in holy mission.

  3. It is important to remember that the Iranian people make up an advanced, educated and sophisticated society. That is why many of them – Jewish and all other – immigrate to the US. There are many Iranians who are respectful of Jews, Israelis, Americans and the rest of the world. This is a major reason that blowing them up, or just their cultural sites, is a horrible and inhumane idea.