Chareidi Imprisoned in Ukraine After Car Crash Kills Father Of Police Officer


Ohr Neriya of Petach Tikva has been imprisoned in difficult conditions for weeks in Ukraine after being involved in an accident in which the father of a local police officer was killed, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported. Neriya’s mother said that although her son was declared innocent in court, he was imprisoned for another two months until a new trial is held.

“You surely don’t know [my son] Neriya Ohr,” his mother, Dorit Ohr, wrote. “He’s not popular like Naama Issachar, he wasn’t caught with drugs abroad. But he was involved in an accident which unfortunately killed the father of a Ukrainian police officer. He’s already in jail for a few weeks in the Ukrainian cold – alone. He doesn’t have massive public relations connections like Naama Issachar. Help us to release him.”

“Our nightmare began a week ago. Neriya decided to travel to Uman to daven. He landed in Ukraine and rented a car there. On the way back he was involved in a collision with a local car. Because he’s a careful driver, he managed to veer away at the last minute and miraculously wasn’t injured.”

“But then our nightmare began. A man was killed and two passengers were injured in the other car. The Ukrainians arrested him immediately and held a quick trial for him that day. Despite the fact that he wasn’t found guilty of the accident, they decided to imprison him for another two months until a new hearing is held.”

“Neriya is imprisoned in terrible conditions together with criminals. He doesn’t have kosher food. The other prisoners harass him and joke about his kippah.”

“We’re trying to do everything possible to release him but it’s an extremely expensive undertaking. We need to hire lawyers who specialize in these incidents. Apart from the legal expenses, Neriya is expected to be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. I need your help urgently. I bless you that you’ll never know a mother’s pain like this and in the merit of pidyon shevuyim you’ll see success and salvation in whatever you need.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


    it is a very big mitzvah to be part of the pidyon shevuim – and i proud to have participated
    but these low class countries know how to squeeze out money – it has happened over and over again in our golus…
    may we be zoche to have Neriah Ben Dorit soon back home — healthy in mind and body –