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Most of the looters and rioters arrested by the NYPD over the past several days are immediately released as a direct result of New York’s new bail-reform law, New York City police chief Terrence Monahan told the New York Post on Tuesday.

While the city police made over 650 arrests on Monday night alone, Monahan said that “just about all of them” will be released without bail.

“We had some arrests in Brooklyn where they had guns, [and] hopefully [Brooklyn district attorney] Eric Gonzalez will keep them in, [but] I can’t guarantee that’ll happen,” Monahan said. “But when it comes to a burglary [at] a commercial store, which is looting, they’re back out. . . . Because of bail reform, you’re back out on the street the next day. You cannot be held on any sort of bail. I spoke to [Manhattan district attorney] Cy Vance about that, he told me there’s nothing he can do.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. While the fact that they were released is indeed outrageous, however the mayor or legislators do not decide who is left out it is up to the courts.
    What the mayor decided was that those left out should be left out not only does who have money. This part makes total sense. Are people who can come up with cash quickly more safe?
    It is possibile that it is wrong of the judge to let out these folks but money should not be a deciding factor.

  2. I can’t stand debozo but isn’t it cuomo and the nys legislature that passed “bail reform”? The title of this article is sorta misleading.

  3. Wake up, Jews. If you do not get the communists out of power, there will be very little left that is friendly to your way of life. When’s election day? Who can you support financially and morally before then?

  4. The Constitution is inconvenient at times. It gives us an absolute right to be released pending trial, the only exceptions are if it can be proven that you are a danger to yourself or others or that you are a flight risk. And if bail is too high for you to be able to afford it must be reduced, even to zero.

  5. It should be noted that De Blasio has no control whatsoever over the courts, the District Attorneys, or the state bail laws. It is fun to bash him for things he has no control over. Especially when there has never been a mayor who has been so willing to do whatever the orthodox leadership wants.

  6. Honest period.
    Money makes no difference?
    Do you have the slightest idea what bail is for?
    It is to make a monetary INCENTIVE to come back to court. With proper ID, the person will pay say $1,000 on a $10,000 bail. If he comes back, he gets the $1,000 back. If not, the government takes $10,000 from him.
    Good incentive to come back.
    When someone has no incentive, why would he stop attempting to rob and steal? If he is successful, great (for him!) if not, oh well…free meal in jail for supper and then …. Let’s go out and rob again.

  7. Charlie hall
    It really doesn’t matter who is at fault: the legislature or the mayor. (Of course it is the legislature!)
    The point is that this bail reform is idiotic.
    Constitutional right not to be held without posting bail?
    Where is that right listed in the constitution?
    Oh yeah! It’s right after the right to abort babies and right before the right to have gay marriages.
    Those founding fathers, they were SO progressive!

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